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Atlas is a fitness tracker that identifies your exercises, counts your reps and sets, calculates the calories you burned and evaluates your form. Atlas measures your success; all you have to do is work out.

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Track + Train

A smart way to workout.

Atlas tracks your workout—every mile ran, weight moved and all the power you generated. The on-wrist display gives you live feedback on the type, speed and quality of your exercises as you’re working out.

Measurements that matter

Smarter analytics mean better workouts.

Atlas measures your heart rate, calculates the calories you burned and tracks your body on the x-, y- and z-axes, so it knows how many laps you swam and if you did push-ups or triangle push-ups. It’s preloaded with the most popular exercises and can learn new exercises you teach it so you can instantly see your progress, analyze your form, anticipate plateaus and find what makes you stronger, faster.


Your favorite apps, endless applications.

Other fitness trackers are just glorified pedometers. Our API lets you experiment and build amazing applications. Plus, Atlas is compatible with your favorite fitness apps, and when you leave the gym, all of your hard-earned workout data is stored on your phone.


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