2017 Software Roadmap: Motion AI And Coach AI

For the first few years of Atlas’ existence, the software team has been pretty much focused on building our entire stack from the ground up. From the website and shopping cart to firmware and hardware testing tools, there has always been a ready list of mission-critical systems that need to be implemented in one way or another. As we enter 2017 we’re finally at a place where we can start iterating on the infrastructure that we’ve been working so hard to create these past few years. Not surprisingly, the two largest parts of our system, motion classification (MotionAI) and guided mode (CoachAI), are due for updates.

If you’ve ever used an Atlas product you’ve experienced our motion detection system: MotionAI. MotionAI lives at the center of the Atlas ecosystem and gives Atlas Wristband the ability to automatically detect what activity you’re doing and count the number of repetitions you have completed. There are a lot of moving parts that keep MotionAI running including Atlas Sweat Lab, Learning Mode and our Activities Database just to name a few. This year we will focus on improving motion detection across a broader set of users as well as increasing the number of activities MotionAI can detect out-of-the-box.

CoachAI is the next step in our guided mode experience. We learned very quickly that building custom routines on mobile devices can be painful, and most people are not expert kinesiologists, so it’s difficult to expect everyone to be able to develop their own personal training regimen. We have already planted the seed of CoachAI in our current mobile app with the Workout Wizard (extra points to Mike for sneaking that name out). The upcoming CoachAI interface will have a more intuitive interface and more powerful user experience. One of the main goals of CoachAI is to close the information gap between your 24/7 activity and sleep to what you have been doing and what you should do in order to reach your goals.

Keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming features as well as our product line expansion in the coming weeks. Also, if you’re not signed up for our mailing list I’d definitely recommend it (there’s a signup box at both the top and bottom of this page).

Yours in Health,
Seth Black
Software Lead @AtlasWearables