3 Considerations For Setting Workout Goals

There are more than a thousand things you could attempt to get out of working out: less body fat, 6-pack abs, bigger biceps or a 100-pound bench press. No matter the goal you are attempting to achieve, there are 3 key considerations that will keep you on the track to succeeding before you even attempt: Be realistic, find a community, be flexible.

Be Realistic
Lose 50 pounds in a month? Go from 8-inch biceps to 24-inch biceps in 2 weeks? Run a marathon by Father's Day? Get real! You cannot achieve goals that are unrealistic.

Research your goals before you set them. Utilize your friend, computer and news outlets to find healthy goals you are willing to reach and then give yourself some extra time. Changing something in your life isn't going to be easy but it will be worthwhile. Allowing some extra time will ensure you are not stressing every bite of food, missed workout or slow jog. Enjoy your change.

Find a Community
Doing something alone is downright hard. Do you push your self as hard at home alone as you do when you are in a group work out the class? I can speak for myself and say I won't hold a yoga pose as long at home as I do when I am surrounded by fellow yogis and a supportive instructor.

Get together with someone, make similar goals and then have fun reaching them together. Support is key to anything in life. If you have ever been to therapy (where big changes happen) one of the first questions is what are your support groups? Fitness goals can involve big changes. Surround yourself with people who are going to be part of the solution to your goals.

The community is everywhere. A coworker who meals preps and eats at the office can keep you from high-calorie take-out. Your local gym may have classes with an instructor you can connect with on social media to get daily inspiration. Keeping your brain active on your goals in a fun and consistent manner will propel you to success.

Be Flexible
So you set a 30-day goal, had friends, stuck to everything perfectly and you still didn't hit your mark? Guess what? That is normal. You are learning about your body all the time. Stress levels, life events and environment are all factors that are less controllable than your fitness regimen. Be gentle with yourself.

Negative talk will keep you from your goal for longer. Do not beat yourself up. Instead, look back at what you have done. Be grateful and thank yourself for the work you did. Now, make the plan for reaching your goal in a new time frame, you have already done half the work so it won't be hard to keep going. Momentum is your friend!

Goals Aren't Simple
Peaks, valleys, and plateaus are part of successful goal achievement. You will be able to make goals happen with these three considerations for your personal goals. Get the information you need to set achievable goals, don't go overboard, be realistic. Having support can make the biggest difference in the world. Start making friends that are likeminded to keep you going. Overall, be gentle. Change doesn't always come easy- the good work is usually the most difficult.

Stay strong,