3 Fast Holiday Workouts For Strength And Flexibility

Thanksgiving has passed but the holidays are still in full swing. For many, that means a hectic schedule that precariously balances time with family and friends on top of already stressful travel plans and work obligations. With so many things to do, it is easy to let your fitness routine fall away as free time becomes a distant memory.

Fear not! We have put together 3 easy, short workout series to carry you through the holiday season.

Go-To Kettlebell Series
This series is a near total body workout with one of today’s most popular pieces of workout equipment. Kettlebells may not be the best tool for every fitness goal, but they definitely provide an efficient strength-building workout when used correctly.

Goblet squats (10 - 15)
One-handed swing (8 on each side)
Snatch (8 on each side)
Windmill (8 on each side)
Calf raises with one kettlebell in each hand, arms at your sides(15)
Repeat this circuit 2-3x as time permits

**If you are uncertain about form, we strongly recommend breakingmuscle.com or the Onnit Academy’s wonderful form videos at onnit.com/academy. Remember that form is absolutely key in injury prevention.

Don’t Forget Your Core!
Strengthening your core helps prevent injury, improve posture and reduce back pain! This ab series is pretty intense, so if you feel that the consecutive plank exercises are a bit rough on your wrists or shoulders take a moment in child’s pose or throw in some more flutter kicks in between plank sets.

Reverse Plank with Leg Lift (10 - 15 on each side)
2 point plank (8 on each side)
Hip Dips (10 on each side)
Up-down plank (10)
One set of pilates 100’s with legs straight or bent
Flutter Kicks (30 seconds)
side plank leg lift (8 on each side)
plank jacks (10 - 15)
*Repeat 2-3x as time permits

The 10 minute Yoga Series

These stretches (all stretches, really) are best when done while muscles are already warm, so we recommend these following our above kettlebell series. For our yogis out there, you can turn these stretches into a nice flow by incorporating a vinyasa in between each stretch (downward facing dog to plank, chaturanga to upward facing dog to downward facing dog). Hold each stretch in a place that is challenging but not painful for five deep, even breaths.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Cobbler Pose
Pigeon Pose
Frog Pose
Forward Fold
Bridge Pose
Rabbit Pose
Threaded child's pose (right and left arm, 5 breaths per side)
End with an inversion! We love practicing our handstands with the aid of a doorway, but you can pick your favorite.

We hope that these workouts help you move towards a happy, healthy holiday season!

Claire Leonard
Customer Service and Social Media Specialist

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