April Shipping Update

Greetings and Happy April, Atlas Community!

New Timeline
As you all know, this month is an incredibly busy one for Atlas Wearables. As our product comes to fruition we have devoted extra energies towards the Motion Genome project and avenues for collaboration within the fitness community. This has also been a time of complex decisions regarding our shipping timeline.

Simply put, our first batch is now expected to ship starting in late June through early August. Along with this development, we will not be sending out emails to confirm shipping addresses and band color preference until mid-May. This will help ensure that the Atlas Wristband makes it safely to your doorstep.

This delay to our first shipment batch is a reflection of the final hurdles in a successful manufacturing process. In an effort to protect what makes the Atlas Wristband special, we have restructured our supply chain so that our chips are programmed in a more secure facility before being sent to our factory for final production.

Our second and third batches are now set to ship in September, one month behind our anticipated August ship date. Our new timeline is pictured below.

Updated Shipping Schedule
Below, you will find our target schedule. This timeline is dynamic and flexible but we are comfortable using it as our current schedule. Our technology is unique and exciting, but this also makes timelines difficult to pin down. In the interest of transparency, we have an obligation to our backers to do our best to express the most accurate timeline available.

Future Update Frequency
As a community, you can expect monthly updates through July, followed by weekly updates and recaps as each wave of shipments goes out.

No Compromises
We realize that this update may seem rather last-minute, and we empathize with the fact that as a community this delay entails a good amount of patience and understanding. The success of the Atlas Wristband and our company as a whole is a testament to our fantastic community, and we can assure you all that we are just as excited to get your Atlas out to you as you are.

We have also decided to take the time to make some mechanical engineering optimizations. During testing, a small percentage of screens cracked under pressure (quite literally). Because of this, we felt the need to take the time to correct this shortcoming in early units, so that they can truly live up to your daily routine. We promised a rugged wearable and that is exactly what we intend to deliver, without compromises.

Product Development Updates
These delays were not ones that we expected, but we are ready to tackle them head-on and we are committed to a product worth having and a community that is worth being a part of. To this end, we will also be expanding our Customer Success and Community Health team this month, in an effort to respond to your questions faster and expand opportunities for interaction as a community. Moreover, the Atlas Wearables app is growing up quickly and looking wonderful under the guidance of our creative team, Eric, and Nico. If you haven’t seen the latest screenshot of our app, check it out!

Under Thom and Julie’s guidance, we are also working to expand the Motion Genome Project’s reach and breadth of exercises. We now have 50 exercises ready to go in coach mode and our data harvesting protocol has been streamlined and updated. We are working to pair our Exercise Status Page directly with our database so that it is more comprehensive and can accurately and automatically reflect the exercises that the Atlas Wristband can identify. Recent participants have had to step up their workouts with Turkish get-ups, TRX pikes, plate sit-ups, kettlebell windmills and more.

We are very sympathetic to the frustrations that accompany these delays - especially since we share many of them with the community - so if you have a question, request, or you just want to talk to us about how it impacts you, please let us know! The best way to reach us is via email, through support@atlaswearables.com.

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas