Atlas 10 Favorite Local Austin Gyms

Atlas is lucky enough to be located in Austin, Texas – popularly known as one of the most active cities in the United States. So active in fact that we’ve consistently made the top 10 fittest cities list by Shape Magazine.

That said, we’re proud to call Austin home and have vetted and sweated in quite a few of the local gyms here to give people a chance to try out our game-changing product, Atlas Wristband, as well as to get feedback and insight into how people work out. We trained our eye on such things as community, effectiveness, motivation, and amenities to create our own list of Austin favorites.

Did we miss any? Mention your favorite with a reply or comment!

Atlas Austin Gym Faves

Dane’s Bodyshop
Dane and his mechanics take tuning your body to the next level. Their effectiveness has spurred an additional expansion to Manor road. Their STRENGTH program enhances muscular strength through some of the most essential movements, including squats, deadlifts, press, clean and more. And their Fusion program will help target muscles you didn't even know existed to bring you to the fittest you've ever been.

Ignite Fitnez
“Keeping Austin Weird and Keeping SoCo Sexy” is a slogan Ignite can certainly live by. The kick-ass Inez Escamilla created Ignite in 2014 after her background for fitness turned into a passion she wanted to share with others. Inez is a firm believer in incorporating the hard with the soft in her gym. Yoga, boxing, aerial lyra, and weights, here at Ignite, the women workout just as hard as the men so if you’re a gal that enjoys working hard with the boys, this gym is perfect for you.

Crossfit Central
Among the best CrossFit boxes in Austin – CrossFit Central has an incredible coach team with a community that supports you to actually realize your goals. With two locations in the city, you're never far away from fantastic classes and coaches that value form. Get your thruster form right and work to full pull-ups with a wide array of Up Assist bands. (Full Disclosure - they’re around the corner from our office. lol.)

Heat Bootcamp
Talk about High Intensity- first off, HEAT trainers are super motivating & the groups that show up make you feel like you need to AND CAN do each extra rep. The huge 3,000 sq. ft. facility in the popular South Austin is impressive unto itself as a local business in a growing city. Heat is very involved with the local community & participated in our Launch Party- you’ll sweat & be supported.

Hyde Park Gym
Hyde Park Gym is pretty sweet, with an entire vintage look & feel about the gym, it’s a fun spot to get ripped. Trainers specialize in Olympic Weightlifting, bodybuilding, and conditioning. Hyde Park Gym conjures images of the strongman doing a full 100 lbs Turkish get up & we love that.

CG Arena
CG Arena was founded in 2008 to bring outdoor fitness to the masses. Through its ability to deliver results, CG Arena has grown with state of the art indoor equipment and trainers. Indoor turf, power cages, and endless machines, you can't help but look forward to the sweat- even during the insane Central Texas weather. Their mission: Live Adventurously. We can get on board with that!

Castle Hill Fitness
Castle Hill is the epitome of 'the whole package.' Not only are they a traditional gym, they also offer Pilates and yoga classes, cycling, a full spa, cafe, and a bike shop! Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Castle Hill strives to provide a welcoming environment for individuals on their journey to a higher quality of life. The gym is right next to the Austin staple, Hope Outdoor Gallery- an open source graffiti gallery that can set your zen for the day after working out.

DeFranco's Gym at The Onnit Academy
Founded in 2010, Onnit's mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals and actionable information. Onnit Academy features a variety of classes held in both small group and large group settings that utilize kettlebells, sandbags, and suspension bands- they kick your butt with unconventional training, getting your body to do stuff that you never thought it would do.

Pure Austin Fitness
Rock wall? Check. Pool? Check. Group training and tons of free weights? Check. Pure Austin is one of the most feature-rich fitness clubs in the city. It's hard to find a gym with more amenities and classes.

YMCA of Austin - Town Lake
The YMCA is known for its focus on community versus competing against your peers. In other efforts to create a stronger community, they give back through many fundraising efforts. What we love about this prime downtown location, is the YMCA has a variety of membership packages for all levels of income. Want to work out but can't find a sitter? No problem! YMCA has some of the best child care in town.

These gyms are all over Austin. We hope you check out a location that works for you. 

Hope to see you in a gym soon.

Yours in health,
Team Atlas