Atlas, Olympic Athletes & Trainers Team Up To Accelerate Fitness Success With Science

Atlas Expands Fitness Ecosystem to Help Olympic Athletes & Trainers Track True Fitness Progress & Improve Fitness Outcomes

AUSTIN, Texas – October 27, 2016 – Atlas Wearables, Olympic medalists, and Trainers today announced a partnership to help enthusiasts and aspiring athletes quickly and affordably reach the next level with functions such as true workout tracking, biometric monitoring, and progress metrics, to prescription, compliance and remote tracking.

As part of the joint effort, “Train Like A Pro”, Olympic medalists are sharing workouts that helped them achieve greatness. These experts have received accolades from Rio Olympic Gold medals to World Champion victories and are truly invested on helping young athletes change the way they work out so they too can reach their goals by sharing their experience and knowledge.

Atlas Wearables and Trainers also began collaborating on the development of a new software offering called Dashboard, designed to help Trainers and their clients fully take advantage of the Atlas Fitness ecosystem of hardware and software. The new offering helps Trainers discover the highest impact programming within their specialties to quickly optimize custom solutions for every client.

“I know that Atlas is the best true workout tracker for athletes and their Trainers because my team has experienced the magic and the benefits ourselves,” said David Verburg, 2016 Rio Olympic USA Gold medalist and five-time World Champion Gold medalist. “I believe in sharing our fitness expertise to help everyone achieve greatness. And through this partnership, we’re able to help even more young athletes track their progress automatically with the incredible capabilities that only the Atlas ecosystem can deliver.”

“After many experiences with basic step or heart rate tracking solutions, we know Atlas is the

ideal solution for a cutting-edge approach to guaranteed fitness success for club members and personal training clients as well as a valuable membership sales and retention tool” said Dennis Mathias, a fitness industry expert with 30 years of experience including having managed 2 of the top 100 clubs in the country.”

“As a leader in future digital fitness, Olympic medalists and Fitness Industry experts like Dennis are ideal partners that bring a team of experienced strategic advisors to help us all revolutionize how our community works out while using the Atlas Wristband2, Smartphone App, and Dashboard,” said Peter Li, CEO of Atlas Wearables. “Together we are transforming how people everywhere understand how to reach their goals. And through these partnerships, we’re able to help even more of the community access proven Trainers and validated fitness programming. We aim to end empty fitness promises and are building a future on the foundation of science & research.”

The new Atlas ecosystem provides athletes with expertise and Trainers with enhanced tools to offer our community:

Atlas Wristband2 with MotionAI (“The more you use it, the smarter it gets.”) to track every exercise and to help them discover the highest impact programming for personal fitness success, align their goals, and prioritize their focus.

Dashboard to rapidly analyze trends and progress and to create and share fitness programs and routines. For more information please visit: 

Atlas Wearables is a data-driven, technology company focused on people who exercise and coach. Atlas builds devices and software infrastructure to help anyone take control of their workout routine and fitness content. Atlas Wearables is dedicated to building a future with truly automatic exercise detection, logging, and analysis to help young athletes and enthusiasts achieve greatness. Atlas was started in January 2013 by long-time friends Peter Li and Michael Kasparian. In 2015, Peter and Mike were recognized by the Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30”.

As used in this document, “Atlas” means Atlas Wearables, Inc.

Peter Li
CEO of Atlas
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