Atlas’ Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2016

2016 is over and time to recap on some of the most popular content we shared. The five articles below were the top ones according to you – our fans!

Benchmarking Atlas Wristbands Heart Rate Monitor
Ever wonder how accurate your Atlas Wristband’s heart rate monitor actually is? Check out this data-driven blog post to see how it stacks up to the fitness industry standard chest strap, and even one of the most popular step counting band.

The One Thing Holding You Back At The Gym
Fitness Hacker and guest blogger, Jay Kim shares his secrets on how to save time and workout efficiently at the gym. Hint: USE YOUR ATLAS!

Training Your Body’s Muscle Fibers
A deep dive into strength training and how they affect your body’s muscles. Learn about the two different types of muscles broken down in a simple table, or dive deeper and read the full commentary on how adjusting intensity, number of sets, velocity, and rest time between sets can improve your results.

How to Get a Flat Stomach
Ever wonder why it’s difficult to get rid of belly fat? Or exactly how you go about earning that six-pack? Read on to learn more!

Secrets For Developing The Fitness Habit: Learn From 4 Fitness Experts
We all know the laundry list of benefits that accompany regular exercise: reduced risk of disease, less stress, improved heart and brain function, weight loss, more restful sleep, etc. So why is it so damn difficult to develop a fitness habit that sticks? Read on to find out.

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