Atlas Transformation Challenge

Whether you can run fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, or you're just trying to make it around the block for the first time, exercising renders tremendous physical, emotional, and mental benefits. We want that for you! Starting this Monday, February 15th, Atlas will be kicking off our 4-week Transformation Challenge Workout Program. See if you can follow along and keep up with our daily workout plans and challenge yourself to work harder, be faster, and get stronger. Keep it up for all 4-weeks to tone, gain strength, and burn fat! Using weights that support your current abilities, focus on swift movements with total control. To get these workouts on your Atlas, find each week under Coach Mode with the names "Transform Week 1," "Transform Week 2," etc. If the workouts aren't showing up, be sure to refresh your app!

The Atlas Transformation Challenge can also be viewed as a Google spreadsheet.