Atlas, Valencell Inc, And CES

Here at Atlas Wearables HQ, we spend our days focused on delivering a quality fitness wearable product and exceptional customer experience. We are uncompromising in our standards and we have made every effort to work with the best individuals and companies in our industry in an effort to create a wider base of expertise. As the old adage goes, if you are the smartest person in a room then you are in the wrong room. This concept has led us to constantly seek out intelligent and forward-thinking peers as we have moved from design to manufacturing.

Part of that expertise has come from Valencell, the team that provides the Atlas Wristband’s biometrics technology for heart rate and calories burned. Valencell’s PerformTek technology melds an unmatched knowledge base with intensive support systems throughout the design and manufacturing process. Their team is upbeat, helpful and thorough, and we have had a wonderful experience working with them.

For those CES 2015 attendees, you can witness this partnership in action at the Valencell booth, #74329 in the Fitness and Tech Marketplace. Peter and Mike have our newest dev models demoing - seriously, these units are only days old and so much fun to see in action - and we’d love to see our community stop by! Valencell has been kind enough to share this space and we intend to capitalize upon the opportunity, spreading the word about Atlas, Valencell and our fantastic partnership.

We realize that the vast majority of the Atlas community isn’t in Vegas at this moment, but you needn’t feel left out! Our January update is fast approaching, packed full of exciting news about Peter and Mike’s recent trip to visit our manufacturer in China, all the CES buzz and happenings, and exciting product and MGP updates.

Claire Leonard
Customer Service and Social Media Specialist

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