Atlas Wearables And Forever Funding

Atlas Wearables began its fundraising efforts a year ago through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform that has aided the fundraising efforts of startups, musicians, authors, philanthropists and many others with an idea to bring to fruition. In their words, "Indiegogo empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen." Atlas' original crowdfunding campaign ended with Indiegogo in March 2014 after raising over $600,000 through a phenomenal community of backers.

Since March, we have continued fundraising efforts on our own and have been incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community rise up to meet the challenge. Indiegogo recently extended an offer to Atlas Wearables to join their Forever Funding platform, which allows campaigns that have achieved their original funding goal to continue fundraising efforts through the Indiegogo community. We have opened up Forever Funding as an option to preorder your Atlas Wristband and we look forward to creating some fun perks in the near future! You can access the Atlas Wristband Indiegogo page

Happy Holidays from the Atlas family to you and yours!

*Atlas Wearables CEO Peter was not available for our awkward family photo, so he was discretely photoshopped in.

Claire Leonard
Customer Service and Social Media Specialist

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