Atlas Wristband Progress & More

Happy June! The Atlas engineering team continues to be laser-focused on finalizing technical aspects of the Atlas Wristband for production. We’ve also made some important mobile app and packaging updates to ensure that the experience from box to wrist to the gym is as smooth and intuitive as possible.

Atlas Wristband Progress
As mentioned in our May update, we found electrical noise issues in our heart rate system which caused inaccurate pulse readings during activity. Our engineers have isolated the issue and are implementing a plan to resolve it swiftly and accurately. During initial testing next to a pulse oximeter (highly accurate fingertip pulse reader) our device was within +/- 1 BPM. Looking good!

With our manufacturer, we have also narrowed down to what is most-likely the singular cause of screen integrity issues referenced last month. The solution involves a mechanical change which requires a bit of retooling to increase the strength of the module. We have run simulations with our manufacturer to further qualify the proposed solution and initial feedback is looking very positive.

We are nearly over these final hurdles and it’s your amazing support that has got us this far. We are almost there and can’t wait to send you your Atlas Wristband!

Additional progress to note:

  • Packaging Done
  • HR Chips are being programmed
  • Main Board Chips are being programmed, should be done in <1 week
  • Initial test results from FCC/CE are PASS

By the way, have you heard of our Motion Genome Project? If you’re in the Austin area, this is something you may want to check out! MGP is a workout session held at our in-house gym with the Atlas Wristband. We will capture your workout data which will help improve our algorithms and create a better fitness experience for the Atlas community. Also, as a member of the MGP, you’ll gain early access to our iPhone and Android app before it hits the market. MGP sessions are free and unlimited to you so sign up now!

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas