Core Blaster

This core-focused workout circuit will hit your abs from every angle possible. Use your Atlas Wristband to accurately track your reps.

Getting strong, defined abdominal muscles requires more than endless amounts of sit-ups. What you really need to do is work all of your core muscles from a variety of angles in a variety of ways to ensure real results.

This core-focused workout incorporates a challenging set scheme and five core-building exercises. All you need is a floor mat and a dumbbell or kettlebell. The workout requires you to switch from your back to your front multiple times, making the set even more difficult and functional. Each core exercise will need to be performed for 20 repetitions.

Muscle Focus
This core-focused workout is designed to do more than enhance your abdominal muscles, which include the transverse abdominis, internal abdominal oblique, external abdominal oblique, and rectus abdominis. The exercises will also work your lats, hip flexors, and quads, thanks to the inclusion of Mountain Climbers, Russian Twists, and the Plank Toe Touch exercises.

Perform the core-focused workout as a complete circuit. Rest as little as you can in between exercises. When you finish all of the exercises in a row, rest for 30-60 seconds and then do them again for 5 rounds.

Core Focused Workout Circuit
Plank Toe Touch / 20 reps
Crunch / 20 reps
Mountain Climber / 20 reps
Russian Twist / 20 reps
Sit Up / 20 reps

Workout Tips
If you haven't been training your core muscles properly, 20 repetitions of each exercise may be very difficult. If necessary, lower the weight or repetitions to ensure that you can get through each round without stopping. This is important because this core-focused workout is designed to enhance your conditioning, and that requires low rest periods.

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