December Update

Happy Holidays Atlas community!

We hope that you all are having a fantastic winter - or summer, for some of our excellent customers on the other side of the world. Here in Austin, the foliage has turned from brown-green to brown-grey (really beautiful stuff) which means that the Texas winter is upon us!

Team Atlas has been hard at work both at HQ and around the community, refining the Atlas Wristband, negotiating with our manufacturer, collecting data for the Motion Genome Project and improving our site. As such, we have some exciting updates for you all.

With regards to manufacturing, we’re just now waiting on our Printed Circuit Boards to be completed so we can start making our test jigs to make sure every Atlas Wristband that leaves the manufacturer is up to our standards. As far as the mechanical components are going, we’re making headway on tooling and beginning to see the first plastic shots off of our steel tools. We’re on schedule to begin our first pilot run in this January in time to ship Alpha units to Alpha and Developer backers from our Indiegogo campaign, and still on track for our April delivery to our earliest backers.

Our lead data scientist Thom has been hard at work hard and writing lots of mysterious genius scrabble all over our whiteboards and improving our algorithm. These improvements make Atlas’ automatic exercise identification even more accurate and effective. High fives for Thom, Y'all.

Nico, our software developer, has been working away at both the Atlas Wearables app and improvements to our website. The new and improved site will be up within the next 3-4 weeks and includes a redesign of our features, home and store pages, as well as the addition of use case sections. We can’t wait for everyone to try out the app, Nico has developed a fantastic user-friendly experience!

Julie has been out and about throughout Austin and Dallas, showing off our Atlas development units and collecting data from local gyms. Our dataset is growing quickly and we are excited about all of the exercises that our device will soon recognize and analyze. More and more fitness enthusiasts are signing up to workout at our HQ and we’ve even got some personal trainer regulars that have given us invaluable feedback on both the Atlas and our app. Thank you to everyone who has come to workout with us!

Through our Indiegogo campaign, we had reached our stretch goal for an available alternate band color. Earlier in November, we let individuals cast their votes for the alternate band color via Instagram and Facebook, and the crowd chose green! This alternate band color will line the bottom, inner part of the band as well as the lower outer edge. Everyone will have the option to opt for the green band closer to shipment, although it is worth noting that Atlases ordered in this color will experience a slightly longer delay in shipment.

Last month we announced our new shipping timeline (see the “November Shipping Update” blog post) and we’ve had a lot of outreach from individuals that are both encouraging and understanding. We want to reiterate that our focus is first and foremost the quality of our product. We are incredibly grateful to have such an exceptional community with us on our journey to production and we will continue to provide regular updates.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Team Atlas