Dumbbell Row Form Guide

The Dumbbell Row is a great back, shoulder, and arm exercise, but did you know that you’re also working your core during the movement? The stationary bent over stance requires you to flex your core to maintain stability as you pull with each rep. Ensure that you’re doing it correctly with these cues.

Stable Core
Bend at the hips to get into position and maintain tightness in your abs and obliques while seeking to keep your back straight. This stable position will ensure that you don’t flex your back (especially your lumbar) during each rep.

Tight Grip
Rather than using a simple hook-grip to hold the dumbbells, try to squeeze the handle as much as possible. This will allow you to build grip strength through both your hands and forearms while also working your arms, shoulders, and back at the same time.

Feet Flat
Some people have a tendency to lean back on their heels while in the bent over position. Make sure that your feet (including your toes) are flat on the floor to increase balance and stability during the exercise.

Forward Focus
In order to keep a straight, neutral spine during the row, try to focus on a point on the ground about 6 to 8 feet in front of you. This will ensure that you’re not dropping your chin towards the ground (thereby putting your neck out of alignment) during the exercise.

Bring Weight Near Sides
Don’t simply pull the dumbbells up to a random position along with your body. Instead, control the weight and pull it towards your ribs and try not to flare out your elbows too far. Imagine scraping your elbows against your sides as you pull the weight.

Soft Knees
In order to get into the proper bent position for the Dumbbell Row, keep your knees soft and push your hips out behind you (similar to the way you would during the Deadlift or Good Morning exercises). Remember, this is an upper body exercise; you shouldn’t be wearing out your hamstrings while performing heavy reps.

Be sure to remember these points next time you perform Dumbbell Rows, and don’t forget to have your Atlas Wristband active so it can count your reps while you concentrate on your form.