Eat The Damn Dessert

Working out and maintaining a healthy diet are great goals to strive for. Have you gotten strict about dessert? Don't even order it or buy a single low-cal ice cream bar? It's time to cut that out and eat the damn desert! Your body, brain, and health will benefit.

Our diets are a very important piece of your whole life. If you are active multiple times a week, there is no harm in having some ice cream. Your brain creates a reward pathway based on the pleasure dessert brings you which will prompt it to crave working out in order to receive the pleasurable reward again.

Habits for a healthy life are easy to understand. First, there is a cue then, we follow a routine which will produce a reward. Simply put, if you want to make working out a more enjoyable and automatic habit, there needs to be a reward that follows the routine. Cutting sugar, fat and carb intake at the same time you start a work out routine is a real punishment to your brain which leads to slipping ups and failure.

Don't stress so much about fats and sugar, learn about them. Even the American Heart Association (AHA) has divested from the war on fat. AHA dedicated content to education on Fats 101. The body needs fat in order to absorb vitamins A, E D and K as well as produce hormones for sex drive and metabolism.

The key to your dessert in moderation. Write the old adage "everything in moderation, including moderation" on your freezer. Your sweet of choice may be ice cream which has sugar and fat but is relatively low in carbs. A single serving of Ben & Jerry's has only 10% of your daily needs of carbs but 30% of the daily need for fat. Eat lots of veggies, a small serving of grains with no meat for dinner and you can indulge in two serving of Ben & Jerry's while binge-watching Orange Is the New Black, #YOLO!

Managing a healthy lifestyle is a practice in balance. There will be highs, lows, and plateaus. Reaching for rewards will be the best way to engrave habits which fit the healthy body you want. Think of dessert as a reward and it will have a highly positive impact if used in alignment with your individual goals.

Try adding dessert into your weekly workout routine on the days in which you do the hardest work. Add other rewards like a long bath, extra time watching ESPN or a beer. A combination of rewards will get your brain to crave good workouts and make you an all over a healthy human.

Yours in health,