FAQs: Shipments, Aesthetics, And More

Hello and happy (almost) Halloween!

We hope everyone is enjoying Fall in all of its brisk, sugar-coated glory.

First and foremost we'd like to thank everyone for their patience and feedback over the past few months. We know that you are excited to receive your Atlas, and our team is looking forward to sharing the polished, intelligent, ultra-awesome finished product. Our team is hard at work making sure that your Atlas is everything you hoped.

Recently we've had a number of commonly asked questions and we wanted to take the opportunity to answer a few of them here.

Many customers have asked for an exact shipment date on their Atlas. If you ordered your Atlas on or before August 31st, your watch will be sent out this December. All orders placed after the 31st of August will be fulfilled in the Spring of 2015. We do not have an exact date for shipment just yet for two primary reasons: First, manufacturers are slammed around the holidays so we are waiting to hear from them about a date. Second, our team of perfectionists wants to make sure that you are nothing but ecstatic about the product you receive, so they are taking the necessary steps to refine our product.

Once we have an exact shipment date we will let you all know, as well as touching base with each customer for updated shipping information. So if you've moved since placing your order, fear not! We'll make sure that your Atlas is sent to the updated address you gave us.

For those Alpha backers out there, we haven't forgotten you! Expect an update very soon about shipment dates for your Alpha units, as well as some cool add-ins with your packages.

Finally, a number of inquiries have been placed regarding the updated color of our display. We opted for a white display because it is easier to read and is more universally applicable. However, we love your feedback and hope you all keep telling us what you'd like to see! As our product develops so will its aesthetics, so please stay with us and "watch" as we grow up.

We hope that this post has helped answer some lingering questions, and if you have any others please feel free to reach out to us at support@atlaswearables.com We are also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so drop by and see what we're up to!

Yours in Health,
The Atlas Team