February FAQ - Your Questions Answered

We've compiled a list of the top 10 questions our users have asked through social media during the month of February.

Check it out below:

Q: Are there any plans to add additional sensors for tracking exercises more accurately?

A: We believe the most simple user experience uses only a single sensor to track as many activities as possible. The wrist is a familiar place which is why we started there.

Q: How can I export my data? Are there any plans for a web interface to view my exercise data?

A: You can access our API at https://api.atlaswearables.com/api/docs/ to export your data. This includes everything you see in the app, plus more data yet to be released.

Q: How is Running different than HR Mode?

A: The Running activity is available in Freestyle and Coach mode and tracks both running and jogging. The “Rep” metric gives an estimate of how many strides the user took while running (one Atlas Running Rep is equal to two pedometer steps). The most common use case to track using the Running is in boot camps or Crossfit. Otherwise, if just going out for a run, we recommend using Heart Rate mode to get the best view of your heart rate on the Atlas Wristband widescreen display.

Q: What is going to be in the "Spring Firmware Update," and can you create a development calendar for the public?

A: We are not planning on sharing our roadmap. But if you want to talk about an idea, join our Atlas App Feedback group on Facebook, or e-mail us at info@atlaswearables.com

Q: How many workouts will the Atlas hold before it runs out of memory?

A: The Atlas Wristband can store over a thousand activities between syncing.

Q: Are there any future plans for variations of exercises? When will there be more exercises added and would there be additions to using machines as well (ex chest press, leg extension, etc.)?

A: Check out our recently released exercises. More exercise tracking capabilities are added every couple of months!

Q: Is there going to be an update so we can change the weight input to Kg? When will we be able to edit custom workouts?

A: We’ve gotten a lot of requests for these two features and we can confirm these changes are in the works already.

Q: Will you be doing anything to enable us to keep and compare data over extended periods?

A: If you haven’t already, check out our latest email update, subject “Your Atlas Weekly Summary.” The data in this email will be used to test out the types of metrics and data we will be including in the app for future releases. We’d love to hear your feedback on what we’re sharing - be sure to check out the survey at the bottom of the email.

Peter Li