Green Light Update: Final Pilot Run & iOS App Completion

Ever head down the street and hit 3 green lights in a row- sending you straight onto the highway, speeding towards the sunset?

That is how we all feel at Atlas right now!

Here's why:

Approve Final Pilot Run
We completed one hundred final-build units, which have been tested and approved. This is the last step before mass production of Atlas Wristbands. Our manufacturer will take the next steps to begin Mechanical Component Production which is the fabrication of all the pieces of Atlas Wristband.

iOS App Store Submission
Developing the iOS Atlas Companion App is completed. The app has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval. The process for approval depends on bug fixes and quality control by Apple. Once approved, we will send an update with details on downloading the app.

Thank you to everyone who is sticking with us. Day in & day out there is more work to be done but there will be only a few more of these updates before Atlas ends up on your wrist.

Yours in health,
Team Atlas