Green Light Update: Mechanical Component Production

Mechanical component production of Atlas Wristbands is done!

Mechanical pieces, such as top housing, bottom housing, the side button, the strap, and non-electrical components have been built. We now have the individual pieces needed to assemble your Atlas Wristband.

There are more testing and verification to be finished before a timeline can be worked out with manufacturing and distribution. When we have a more finalized update on when orders will ship based on order date, we will let everyone know.

We have shipped the Alpha and Developer Indiegogo orders and are fielding real-time user experience feedback so that we can perform final optimization on the app and firmware before shipping begins.

Next Steps to Shipment

Next – Mechanical Assembly, then all that is left is to pack & ship devices!

We’re working hard to keep this momentum flowing and of course, if there are any updates to share, you’ll be the first to know.

Yours in health,
Team Atlas