Green Light Update: We Are Shipping!

It has been an awesome (and sometimes crazy) ride up to this point and we are super excited to say: ATLAS IS NOW SHIPPING. The first 1,000 Atlas Wristbands are leaving China today.

We are shipping in waves and have begun with the first 1,000 orders! If you placed your order on or before 01/20/2014, you will receive an address confirmation email by today, 11/13/2015. Keep in mind, our email may go to your "purchases" or "spam" folder so be sure to search your inbox for “Please Confirm Your Atlas Shipping Info”.

You WILL NOT receive your Atlas Wristband until you CONFIRM your address in your email. For security and accuracy, addresses can only be confirmed via the email. You will receive another confirmation email once your device is shipping from our fulfillment center to your doorstep.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, don’t worry- we will confirm your address when your particular Atlas Wristband is less than 3 weeks from your door.

Other Updates & News
There may be a small wait on the yellow wristband option. We are working as quickly as we can to get all orders fulfilled.

While pilot testing waterproof capability, we wanted to ensure the highest confidence by testing all of our units at 50 meters. Testing at large production quantities, however, yielded a failure rate that didn’t meet our high standards. Rather than stop production to solve this problem, we tested 100% of production units at 30 meters. We feel confident in fulfilling your orders at this level and are excited to continue production.

We sincerely cannot thank you enough. We have come as far as we have because of YOU, our community of believers, who have stuck by us while we've created brand new technology from the ground up.

Be sure to use #everyrepcounts on your favorite workout photos. We cannot wait to see all the gym selfies with Atlas Wristbands!

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas