How Does The Atlas Differ From Other Products In The Fitness Band Market?

How are we different?

First, we will distinguish the types of fitness trackers on the market. There are passive bands and active bands. Passive fitness trackers monitor you throughout your daily life, give you notifications, and work to improve your everyday life. Active fitness bands, which is the category that we fall into, are made to use while working out, work to help improve your fitness life and work towards your fitness goals.

The Atlas Wristband is a specialty device made for strength training. It provides you a way to focus on improving your form while taking away all unnecessary distractions at the same time. It also gives you a new sense of control and comfort all on your wrists--you can choose which activities you do and the Atlas Wristband will count for you or you could follow along with the Atlas-guided workouts on Coach Mode.

Our goal is to provide guidance, motivation and instant feedback right on your wrist. We are able to do this of course through the touchscreen display which allows you to leave your phone in your gym-bag and enjoy a focused and efficient workout without fumbling around with other devices or earphones. Atlas is your gym companion, analyzing form to optimize your work, giving you guidance through a workout routine, and the confidence to meet challenges while getting or staying fit.

There are apps that are similar to what we do, but as of now, we are the only Fitness Band that actually gives you this information on your wrist. We do also connect to a companion app, which will soon be released when we launch the Atlas Wristband, but this app was created to expand on the information that’s at your wrist.

Think of the app as a fitness course. We provide you with videos to teach you how to perform any workout compatible with the Atlas Wristband that you are unsure of how to do. We suggest workout pairings that you could engage in. Once you connect your Atlas Wristband to the app, you will be shown a display of all the muscles you worked, shown all the analytics that you could use to improve, and given a grade on your performance. This allows you to have a solid base to actually reach your fitness goals.

The Atlas Wristband will continuously gain more abilities in the future, but for now, our capabilities truly distinguish us from any other fitness band out on the market. We hope you can use this when comparing the Atlas Wristband to other fitness bands in the future.

Get toned. Get lean. Bulk up. Burn Weight. We’ll help you do it all.

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas