How to Create a Circuit Workout

Aside from the hundreds of workouts that come preprogrammed with Atlas Wearables, you also have the flexibility to make up any workout you wish. Let's go through how to create a guided circuit workout.

How to Create a Circuit Workout With Atlas Wearables

Open your app and tap Workouts. You'll see your library.


workouts screen


Anything in the folders under Library is already saved on your watch. Tap + in the top right corner to begin building a new workout.

Select a mode.

select a mode


Pick Guided Circuit.


guided circuit

Choose the number of rounds that you'll complete. For this example, let's say three. 


number of rounds


This means that whatever exercises you add, you'll repeat the whole circuit three times.

When you're done setting the number of rounds, tap Add Exercise to add your first exercise to the workout.


add exercise


Side note: Look to the left of the exercises, at the red dots. This means that exercise still needs to be calibrated! If it's green, it's complete. Remember that your watch needs to record at least three instances of an exercise in order to gather enough information for accurate calibration.

In this example, let's say that we want to add rowing, push-ups, and chin-ups. Start typing in "row" and tap on it once you see it in the dropdown. 



Once you select Row, it will appear under your workout.


row in a workout


Repeat the same process with push-ups and chin-ups. Tap Add Exercise and start typing in "push-up."




Select push-ups to add it to your workout.


push-ups in a workout


In this case, push-ups are already calibrated on this device. That means when it's time to perform them, Atlas already knows what to do, and you don't need to manually record anything.

Lastly, repeat the process for chin-ups. Tap Add Exercise and start typing "chin-up."


chin-ups in a workout


Select Chin-Up to add it to your workout.

At this point, you should see all three exercises under your workout, like below. 


all three exercises


Next, we want to tell the Atlas app how specifically we want to measure each exercise. Is it by reps? Time? Calories? 

For rowing, let's do two minutes on with 15 seconds of rest. To set this, tap the three white dots in the blue circle to the right of the exercise. (This is the menu for that exercise.) 


exercise menu


Tap Change Exercise Target and select Duration.




This means that you're telling Atlas to track your rowing based on duration/time. Type in 2:00 under Duration and 0:15 under Rest.


rowing duration


We want to repeat the same process for push-ups and chip-ups, so that Atlas knows how to track them. For push-ups, let's change the exercise target to calories. Enter 2 calories and 0:30 of rest.




This means that you'll perform push-ups until your watch notifies you that you've burned two calories, at which point you'll get 30 seconds of rest. 

Lastly, we have our chin-ups. Let's do 2 sets of 10 reps with 20 seconds of rest in between, and 45 seconds of rest before you start the next round. Your screen should look like this.




You've now finished entering your entire workout. Remember that we set this to three rounds, so you'll do this whole thing three times through. 

To complete this workout, tap Next in the upper right corner.




This is where you decide where to store your workout. You can select an existing folder or create a new one. Once you decide where to put your workout, your watch and app will sync up. You'll see the sync status in the upper right corner.


sync status 

Once the app is done syncing, you'll be able to access the workout from your watch and get busy!