How To Reduce Your Recovery Time

Recovery is one of the key elements for muscle growth, but not everyone understands that. You may also overlook this aspect of muscle building, idly thinking if you work out to the death in the gym, you`ll get great results. However, this is a fallacy that can make your post-workout recovery longer and harder.

When it comes to muscle growth, you have to understand the basic physiology of muscle gain. You don't actually get bigger and stronger in the gym! Even if you push yourself through a tough workout, you don't build an ounce of muscle.

The growth of muscle mass is your body's response to the muscle damage you inflict during a workout. This means that muscles don't grow in the gym, instead, they grow after when you stop exercising. And this growth cannot happen without proper post-workout recovery protocol.

If you want to create the right environment for your body to efficiently build new muscles, here are 5 scientifically proven tips to maximize your recovery and, moreover, reduce your exercise recovery time.

Drink A Lot Of Water
Water is the most important nutrient for your health, growth, and development. Drink plenty of water before, after and during your workouts because it is needed to transport nutrients to your cells and cleanse your body of waste. Water also helps build the structures of protein and glycogen.

Being dehydrated can be a dangerous thing that may lead to greater damage to your muscles since they are controlled by the nerves and, without proper hydration, your muscle strength and control will be impaired. Thus, if you drink little water, your body's ability to repair itself will be reduced!

And cut out alcohol, fizzy and soft drinks that dehydrate your body and make your recovery last longer.

Eat The Right Foods
When you choose the right athletic shoes, you look at the list of the best CrossFit shoes for women or men, when you choose the right nutrients for muscle growth, look at the list of the best foods that help gain muscle mass. If you support your body with the right nutrition before and after your workouts, it will definitely help you reduce the recovery period.

Your pre-workout meal should include high-quality, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Consuming a little protein before your workout can initiate your body to start muscle synthesis. You have to eat protein to give your body a chance to repair and build more muscles after your workout and protect them from damage during it. Besides, most experts recommend consuming the meal approximately two hours prior to the workout in order to avoid digestive problems and cramps.

After your workouts, you should also focus on consuming adequate amounts of protein. Eating a protein-rich meal can provide your body with enough fuel to keep on rebuilding and repairing throughout the day.

Don`t forget that fish and chicken are two great sources of protein for muscle recovery. Carbs are also very useful for you because they help shuttle protein to your muscles. By the way, you should eat more potassium-rich foods (for example, bananas, potatoes, etc) as potassium is a mineral that plays a key role in muscle contraction and relaxation.

It is crucial to limit the intake of saturated fat, sodium and refined sugar that negatively impacts your muscle health and slows down the recovery process.

Include Stretching Into Your Workout Routine
A study has shown that stretching before and after exercise has the great impact on muscle soreness and lower injury risk. Stretching is important not only for flexibility but also for massive and rapid muscle growth. The act of stretching makes your workout more effective because it lengthens muscle tissue. Thus, this helps you perform your strength building exercises with a greater range of movement and reduce the risk of injury.

While exercising, you actually create tiny tears in the muscles and post-workout stretching helps your body circulate fresh blood, delivering all the necessary nutrients to these “hungry” muscles. Moreover, stretching relieves the post-workout muscle soreness, as a result, you can get back to the gym sooner.

Get A Massage
According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, massage can relieve your muscle tension after a workout that in turn can reduce your recovery time. Massage increases blood flow and, thus, helps break up the scar tissue and reduce stiffness as well as swelling, enabling the muscles to recover faster. But remember, we`re talking about light and moderate massages. They are beneficial for your muscles after intense workouts. If you opt for a deep tissue massage, you`ll get the opposite effect!

Sleep At Least Seven Hours A Day
You need time to recover and your muscles need time to recover. So the best time for such recovery is a time when you're sleeping. During sleep, your body occurs protein synthesis, which helps the muscles to rebuild. Try to get a full night's sleep and don't forget that you have to sleep at least seven hours a day.

Recovery time is a really crucial period for muscle growth. If you want to get results and reach your fitness goal faster, draw up your daily recovery program and don`t forget to look through these tips once more time.

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