If You’re Not Counting It, It Doesn’t Count

The Atlas Program Mantra: “If You’re Not Counting It, It Doesn’t Count”

I’ve adopted this mantra because every single person that has come through the Atlas weight loss program has learned through the use of the Atlas wearable that they were working far less than they thought. Meaning burning far fewer calories than they believed and that all adds up over time.

Below is an example of a client comparing the workout they were doing before they started on the Atlas program believing it was a good workout (workout #1). Then the two-step process where we increase the time and the effort to the point of what they really should be and are capable of doing. Take note of the significant difference in calories burned between workout #1 and workout # 3. Not only are more calories being burned, but the individual is getting in better shape each workout as you can see by the heart rate they are able to maintain.

Workout #1 (clients normal workout) Duration: 30 min Average HR: 110 bpm Calories Burned: 180

Workout #2 (first bump to work harder) Duration: 30 min Average HR: 130 bpm Calories Burned: 420

Workout #3 (what they are doing now just 6 weeks later) Duration: 30 min Average HR: 153 bpm Calories Burned: 638

So had this person not started using the Atlas Program and kept working at what they truly believed was a good workout they would have burned 458 calories less every workout. Assuming they do three workouts per week over a one year period that’s 23,816 fewer calories. That’s even a low ball number because by training properly on your cardio workouts your body will become more efficient and that old black magic of an increased metabolism will kick in. It does not have to be a hardcore boot camp style workout either. Your heart has no idea what you’re doing. You just have to have the right heart rate.

So I say again: “If you’re not counting it, it doesn’t count”

Dennis “The General” Mathias
(An Atlas client gave me that name. I like it.)
General Manager
Healthplex Sports Club

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