I'm Ellen Ector, Gymnetics Fitness, And This Is How I Workout

Start off by telling us about yourself!
I have a cookbook coming out with my daughter called, “Black Girls Gone Vegan”. I am 66 years old, a mother of five children, and owner of Gymnetics Fitness. My love of fitness has also assisted me in creating fitness videos that target African American Women of all ages. The Ectorcise videos incorporate men along with women exercising together. The focus on African American women was something we needed because we were not included in the fitness industry. I wanted an exercise video that showcased women of color, women that look like myself and women with curves working out.

How did you get into fitness?
I also opened Gymnetics Fitness located in Atlanta in 2008 with my daughter Lana. We also needed gyms in our own community. Gyms that played music we enjoyed listening to. My first encounter with fitness was in 1994. A friend had taken a picture of me and when I looked at it all I saw was butt and gut. My weight and eating habits had gotten out of control. I didn’t know I was creeping up on 200 pounds. Basically, I was F.A.T. (failing, ashamed, tired) in all aspects of my life. Fitness got my mind and body together. It helped me so much spiritually.

What is your fitness specialty?
I love everything about fitness, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be running! Running makes me feel relaxed and it improves my overall mood. I can run in any type weather it makes my mind focus on the beauty of life.

What is your preferred style of encouragement?
First of all, you have to lead by example and become a mentor to your clients. I show concern, I let them know I have been just where you are today, wanting to change my lifestyle and become a better me. I answer any questions that they have for me with true concern. Their journey is my journey. Feeding motivation into my clients is also a key to being a successful trainer. If you are new to the city team up with a group. Gymnetics Fitness is a women group training facility that focuses on Motivation, Structure, Accountability, Being around people that have the same goals as you gives you that boost to stay active. You will be surrounded by women from all walks of life and sisterhood will be formed. Nothing is better than finding a new BFF to keep you accountable as you both reach your fitness goals.

How do you track your fitness goals?
Let’s not get to overwhelmed by setting goals that aren’t realistic. I personally set my fitness goals by knowing what I am capable and trained to accomplish. I love taking pics of me completing events that I have trained for and looking back at them and saying I did that. Our cell phones have so many apps that can assist us in keeping a daily log of our progress. Currently, I am using the Fitbit Charge 3 I received as a gift for Xmas. It has a lot of fitness tracking features. I also love the sleek design. I track my weekly mileage for running, steps, and calories. It helps me get an overall picture of my fitness level. At the end of the month, I can tell what I need to improve on.

What is the best way to check out your work and support?
Social media is definitely a tool I use for my business. You can follow me and my daughter Lana @ellenectorfit and @lanaectorfit and @gymneticsfitness
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Who are your fitness mentors, icons, heroes?
When I was about 7 years old my great aunt use to watch this lady name Paige Palmer on television. I started doing exercises with her and always admired her. She was the first hostess on television with a fitness program. I also admire my daughter Lana because she is the face of the new exercise divas. It’s all about nice toned natural buts with no guts! She fits that bill perfectly. I am also inspired by 82-year-old Ernestine Shepherd. This lady is so beautiful and is definitely a Super -Ager Icon.

What is your favorite food?
When it comes to food I am a vegan, I love my seven layer salad that I can make with my favorite veggies, beans, spinach in it. I love avocados it’s not a day that goes by that I don’t eat one. I do a delicious avocado and banana pudding dish.

What is your 2019 word?
Because with health you can work efficiently to go after wealth!

What’s your go-to song or artist at the gym right now?
I love fast paced songs with good rhythm. Right now my place list is on fire, I love Cardi B songs along with Drake. One of my favorites is Money.

What are three interesting facts about you?
1. I have ran over 500 road races.
2. I love to cook new creative vegan dishes.
3. I’m currently learning how to twerk.

Your best accomplishments?
I would say being on the Rachel Ray Show and being considered a Super Ager! It made me realize if you work hard at something you truly believe in, others will appreciate your accomplishments. It also let me know a dream doesn’t come true through magic. It does take hard work, determination, and dedication.

If you could master one skill right now what would it be?
I am set on mastering the essential skills of ultra running. These are road races that are longer than the 26.2 marathon. One day I envision myself completing a 100-mile run!