I'm Emily Weiss, Personal Trainer, And This Is How I Workout

Start off by telling us about yourself and your journey!
Hey!!  My name is Emily Weiss!!  I am a wife, dog mom of two little boys named Oscar and Ollie (super proud of this one), bikini competitor, personal trainer, posing coach, blogger, YouTuber, and an online clothing boutique owner.  I also work in RV sales as my day job.  So I am always on-the-go, always involved in something!  I am terrible about taking on too many things and getting myself in over my head.  (My life needs a reality show, for real!)

How did you get into fitness?
I would definitely have to credit my mom for getting me involved in the gym.  I always enjoyed being active.  I cheered, was part of a dance team, did gymnastics, etc. when I was in middle school and high school, but I never went to the gym.  My mom is who got me to go to our local rec center with her every day after school.  I quickly realized the gym was my outlet.  No matter what it was (whether I had a bad day at school if my friends were being jerks if the boy I liked didn’t like me back), I could always go in the gym and run/lift/lunge all that anger/frustration out.  I can remember one specific instance where I had been made fun of at school that day (I have no idea what for now), so I went to the gym with my mom, and I did walking lunges around the track for an hour and took the hurt and anger out on my workout.  Afterward, I remember feeling so much better (and my legs started looking amazing!  Yay!)

What's your preferred style of encouragement?
I am very self-motivated and competitive.  So any form of competitive motivates the heck out of me!!  :-P

What would you recommend to someone that is new to the city, or working out, in terms of meeting and connecting with others?
Facebook groups/communities are amazing ways to meet like-minded, motivated people!!  Look for groups that match the type of exercise you’re involved in (I.e. Crossfit, Bodybuilding, OrangeTheory, Marathon Runners, etc.) or the type of diet you’re doing (I.e. Keto, Clean Foods, macros counting, etc.).

Who are your fitness icons/mentors/heroes/inspiration?
Oh gosh!  There are so many!  I am really inspired by fitness icons that use their influence for good!  I love it when a competitor starts/creates businesses that revolve around their competition career and don’t just use their platform for ad space.  Below are my top inspirations per classification:
Business/Entrepreneurial Ventures: @garyvee
Branding: @tawnaeubanksmccoy FOR SURE!  She has completely rebranded her platforms and is doing such a good job of merging fitness and fashion.
Life After Competing (How to Find Balance): @ktmillerfit
Competing: @angelicaht 

What is your favorite food?
Chik-Fil-A!  Obsessed is an understatement.

What’s your go-to song or artist at the gym?
Trap remixes of popular songs.  Search trap remix and then your favorite song on YouTube.  Your life will be changed.  You’re welcome!!!  :-P

What are four interesting facts about you?
Okay.  No judgment, Y'all!
1. I feel so accomplished if I can fix something around my house without having to hire someone. Two years ago, I re-grouted my bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen bc I didn’t want to pay someone else to do it. It actually turned out great! A couple of months ago I tried to change the cartridge on my bathroom shower handle. That project didn’t go so well. Finally got frustrated and called a plumber. You win some, you lose some. I’ve been putting off resealing my deck, so I’m going to attempt that sometime this year. Y’all say a prayer for me. I’m dreading it, but I don’t feel like paying someone to do it for me.

2. I love love love listening to audiobooks, especially authors like Gary V, Brendon Burchard, etc. Pretty much anything to do with self-motivation, entrepreneurial self-help, marketing, branding, etc. Audible is like my best friend! Again, goes back to the nerd part. I love to learn!! 🤓

3. I am a huggeeee perfectionist. It’s a double-edged sword for sure. Sometimes it’s my biggest downfall. I want everything I do to be perfect, so it actually hurts me in the long run because I don’t start new things if I’m not sure it can be perfect. This is definitely one of my resolutions this year!

4. I am a nerd at heart. I LOVE playing video games on my PC. Roller Coaster Tycoon from 1999 is my current obsessed. #NoShame My favorite thing ever is just to go home, put on my PJs, and watch TV and play my games. I used to be obsessed with the Sims, too! I think my brother and I owed every single expansion pack ever invented for the Sims 2. As a kid, my brother and I used to rush home from school and finish our homework as fast as we could so we could start playing our PC games. 

If you could master one skill you do not have, what would it be?
I wish I could speak another language, but I am terrible at it!!  I took Spanish for two years in high school, and it was the only class I ever got a C in.  (HAHA, I’m still bitter.)

What is the best way to check out your work and provide support?
Instagram: @emilyweissfit & @emilyweissfitness
Facebook: @emilyweissfit
Blog:  www.emilyweissfitness.com/blog
YouTube: www.youtube.com/emilyweissfit
Or e-mail me anytime: contact@emilyweissfitness.com