I'm Maggie Szczepanczyk, CrossFitter and Coach, and This is How I Work Out

Maggie Szczepanczyk is a CrossFit athlete, online coach, and all-around inspiration. We caught up via email to talk about fitness and life. 

Start off by telling us about yourself and your journey!

I have been in the fitness industry for just over five years now. I like to think of myself as a full-time athlete but I’m also a coach and personal trainer at the gym I train at. But on top of all that I’m also a full-time student at university, currently one year away from graduating.

How did you get into fitness?

I got into fitness together with my dad about five years ago. While we were on holiday and looking to watch something on YouTube during a lazy evening, we sat down in the reception where wifi had the best connection and we stumbled across something called the CrossFit Games.

We instantly fell in love with the sport and decided to join a local gym when we got back home. And so we did and we’re still doing CrossFit today.

What's your fitness specialty?

My fitness specialty is CrossFit. When looking at different areas in CrossFit, then I would say I specialise in the muscle-building side of CrossFit and strength building.

How do you track fitness goals?

I track performance, so I usually do a video analysis of where I was and where I am at now.

What metrics do you track for your goals?

I track my full performance, so I usually look at how I improved in my weightlifting or how many more repetitions of a gymnastics movement I can now do.

How are your favorite workouts structured? By sets and reps? Or sets and duration?

CrossFit is a little different from your daily gym workouts. But my favourite CrossFit workout is definitely a long chipper workout. This is a workout that usually either decreases or increases in repetition and has a large number of reps and is usually one set.

Who are your fitness icons/mentors/heroes/inspiration?

At the moment, my CrossFit icon is Dani Speegle. I just love everything about her.

What is your favorite food?

That’s a tough one. My favourite food has to be pizza.

What’s your go-to song or artist at the gym?

I’m a big country music fan, so my go-to artist is always Luke Combs, especially his song "Hurricane."

What are three interesting facts about you?

I love doughnuts and never say no to them, no matter how strict my diet is. I’m a total geek and love to play on PlayStation, read books, and watch movies. I absolutely love traveling.

What is your greatest achievement and how has it shaped you?

My greatest achievement so far has been taking part in the European Championships. Despite not placing very high, this event has taught me what I need to improve on for my next competitions. But it also taught me perseverance and not giving up even though you’re being crushed by everything.

If you could master one skill you do not have, what would it be?

That skill would definitely be strict ring muscle-ups. I’m really bottom-heavy, so these are my biggest nemesis currently.

Where would you like people to follow you?

I can be found on Instagram under @maggieszczepanczyk.