I'm Miriam Fried, Personal Trainer, And This Is How I Workout

Start off by telling us about yourself and your journey!
Believe it or not, I didn’t always love working out like I do now! Growing up, I wasn’t exactly what you would call athletic. I dreaded gym class, hated sports, and never even set foot in a gym until my sophomore year of college. As a child, I developed an early interest in the performing arts. I spent most of my early years driving between my hometown in New Jersey and New York to audition and work as a child actor. My love of performing led me to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where I graduated in 2013 with a BFA in theatre.

When I finished school, I found myself thrown into the crazy, stressful lifestyle of a struggling artist. I juggled several awful side jobs, woke up before dawn to go to open call auditions, and did my best to stay positive. I figured if I was auditioning regularly, it was important for me to look my best, so I joined a gym in my neighborhood and started working out a bit. I was terrified to leave the cardio room - so I stuck to the treadmill, even though I despised running. It was at this gym that I saw women lifting weights for the first time.

How did you get into fitness?
During this period of time, I became more and more intrigued by the idea of strength training. But I had little no clue where to start. I turned to the internet, where I soaked up as much information as possible regarding strength training, proper form, programming workouts, and nutrition until I finally gained to courage to enter the weight room on my own. Once I did: I was immediately hooked. I fell in love with getting stronger and my newfound confidence and drive. It wasn’t long after this that I realized my passion for fitness was more than a hobby. I began studying to become a personal trainer, received my certification, and started the transition from the theatre industry into a full-time fitness professional.

What's your fitness specialty?
I specialize in empowering women to grow stronger while creating balance- letting fitness enhance your life rather than consume it! As a personal trainer, I work with clients one on one locally in NYC as well as online clients all over the world!

What's your preferred style of encouragement?
Positive encouragement, always. I tell my clients all the time: if you’re looking for a drill sergeant or a boot camp, I’m not your trainer. If you’re looking for constant support and a loving push- I’m your gal.

What would you recommend to someone that is new to the city, or working out, in terms of meeting and connecting with others?
Join a gym, take classes, surround yourself with people who have similar interests! Social media is also an amazing tool for connecting with like-minded people and finding fitness events to attend!

How do you track fitness goals?
My preferred method of tracking: how I feel and my own intuition. I genuinely believe our bodies know what we need- and if we learn how to tune into them, we can truly thrive.

Who are your fitness icons/mentors/heroes/inspiration?
I’m all for strong women making a mark in this industry. The team at Girls Gone Strong as well as Krissy Mae Cagney have been inspirations to me. I’m also a huge fan of Ben Bruno- he’s a really gifted trainer and also hilarious.

What is your favorite food?
Toughest question yet! I’m a huge foodie- but if I had to choose... I’ll never say no to ice cream!

What is your greatest achievement and how has it shaped you?
Building my own business from the ground up! Working for myself isn’t always easy but I’m proud of what I’ve been able to create. The challenges are great but the rewards are greater.

If you could master one skill you do not have, what would it be?
Speaking a foreign language! Something I wish I’d stuck with when I was younger. Communication is such a powerful tool.

What is the best way to check out your work and provide support?
Instagram: @miriamfried
Website: Miriamfried.com