I’m Malin Malle, 2018 Swedish Street Workout Champion, And This Is How I Workout

Start off by telling us about yourself and your journey so far!
My name is Malin. I’m a professional Calisthenics Athlete, a health coach, and I’m known on Instagram as Malin Malle Jansson. I started this journey with Calisthenics and Street Workout almost 3 years ago. With that, I also started with serious content on my Instagram. I’ve grown from around 500 to 266,000 followers in less than 3 years.

In English, the name Malin means Little Warrior. How fitting is that?
Really? I didn’t know. Well, I love that :D I believe I am a little warrior actually.

How did you get into fitness?
Well, I’ve been doing different kind of sports basically my whole life, but I’ve never been into this kind of training. I was in the Swedish Ninja Warrior 2015 where I met my boyfriend Daniel and a friend Dana. By that time Dana had been doing Calisthenics for 2 years and he invited us to come and try it out. Daniel knew what it was before and was thrilled, but I had no idea what it was. When I got to see what it was, I got a bit scared to be honest, since I’ve always had quite bad confidence I didn’t think I could do the sport. I told them that I’m too weak to do it. They basically dragged me to the gym to try it out, and today I’m so thankful that they did because I fell in love with the sport. There’s something for everyone, no matter how strong or what level you are at.

What's your preferred style of encouragement?
Do what you love, and do it often!

What would you recommend to someone that is new to the city, or working out, in terms of meeting and connecting with others?
Social media! For sure! You can find anything there.

How do you track fitness goals?
I write them down on paper, look at them every day, and remember why I want them.

What do you track for fitness goals?
Only performance-based goals!

What is the best way to check out your work and provide support?
Primarily it’s my Instagram @malinmallejansson but I also have Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat. If you want to support my journey you should check out my webpage www.strongbymalle.com

Who are your fitness icons/mentors/heroes/inspiration?
My main inspiration is the future me. Where I will be in 5 years. And then, of course, my boyfriend has a huge part of where I am today.

What is your favorite food?
I wouldn’t say I have one dish that’s my favorite but something I like very much is Indian chickpeas stew :)

What’s your go-to song or artist at the gym?
I don’t listen to a specific song or artist, but I do like Trap songs the best when working out!

What are three interesting facts about you?
1. I’m a vegetarian and still get a lot of muscles and gains (WHAAAT?!).
2. When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a meteorologist.
3. Whenever I see a dog I always try to get their attention. haha.

What is your greatest achievement and how has it shaped you?
That would be winning the Swedish nationals. I worked really hard for it for about 3 years, and this year I finally became the Swedish champion. I have very high goals and that was just a little push towards the right direction!

If you could master one skill, you do not have, what would it be?
Full planche!