January Update

Hello and Happy 2015 Atlas community! This year is going to be a big one for Atlas Wearables and we are going to kick it off with a bundle of updates.

Since our December Update, our tiny power team has been incredibly busy. Mike and Peter just returned from their visit to our manufacturer in China, followed by CES, while MGP continues to grow and thrive under Julie’s guidance.

Thom has been streamlining our intelligent algorithms and Nico is wrapping-up our new and improved website. These improvements will help potential customers gain a more thorough understanding of the Atlas Wristband through a fluid user experience. He has also been hard at work on the Atlas Wearables app, which will be a pretty constant undertaking until release. We want to create a truly valuable and unique user experience, which will take a lot of diligent work and Nico’s great eye for design.

Motion Genome Project participants have been really happy with the new kettlebell and TRX exercises, and we have seen more and more participants return for multiple workouts with Atlas. If you live in Austin, make sure that you sign up to come in for a workout so you can try out the Atlas Wristband for yourself! You’ll get to work up a sweat, use our app and leave with a swanky Atlas towel. You’ll walk into the gym and people will gawk at your Atlas towel. Maybe. Who knows.

Moreover, we have shiny new developer units to workout with! Our new units feature glossy touch screens and wonderful displays, as well as water resistance. Man, they look good. Our cast urethane units will be sent out this month to their new Developer and Alpha backer homes. If you purchased a developer unit keep an eye out for an email later this week to confirm your shipping address.

Please note that these cast urethane models are not the same as production quality Atlas Wristbands. Our first batch of Atlas Wristbands is still scheduled to ship this April.

Peter and Mike traveled to China and visited our CM, our plastics supplier, and our "feet on the ground" manufacturing support team last week. While in China, they completed our T0 plastic material shots and our next revision of the circuit boards. With these, we were able to put together some of the first pre-production Atlas Wristbands! So far we have nothing but positive results from our first assembly - we met our goal of a minimum 50m water resistance and passed the FCC and CE test scans that we ran, including emissions and shocking the device using up to 15 kilovolts! There are still tests to be run, and a few small tweaks we need to make including improving the strength of the magnet holding the device in the dock and adjusting the band color to match the Atlas colors - these improvements are now underway and being fixed. Given that this is only the first assembly, we are very happy with the results.

After their time in China, Mike and Peter hopped on a plane to Vegas for CES 2015! Valencell was kind enough to feature us in their booth. Read more about our work with Valencell here. Public response to the Atlas Wristband was very positive and we will have some videos from the event in the coming weeks!

It was a crazy couple of weeks for our CEO and CTO, but they are happy to be a part of such a dynamic and driven wearable community and equally as happy to be back with the Atlas family at our Austin HQ.

Around this time last year Peter and Mike started the fundraising effort needed to bring their wearable idea to fruition, and now we have a strong community and an excellent year ahead of us. We hope that 2015 brings great health and happiness to you and yours - we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Yours in Health,
Peter, Mike, and Team Atlas