July 2015 Update

Big Progress
As mentioned last month, we were facing noise artifact issues which reduced the clarity of heart rate readings. Now, with our new electrical design, the heart rate function is ready for prime time.

Additionally, we were able to accomplish our stretch goal of being water-proof up to 50 meters. That means you’ll be able to shower, swim, and dive without a concern. Woo-hoo! Big hurdles hurdled.

Moving Forward
Of course, we’d love to end the update right there and send you your Wristband, but some cosmetic problems came up as a result of our waterproofing work. This is by no means a show-stopper, just a speed-bump on our road to production. Atlas engineers are testing 3 new top-housing options and will choose based on touch sensitivity, screen clarity, and overall device aesthetic.

Even though we’ve eliminated major risks and are moments from the final production stretch, this cosmetic tweak and some updated production lead times will cause the shipping date to slip. We share your frustration when we encounter delays such as this and we struggle quite a bit internally about how to present this sort of news to our amazingly supportive and patient community. We’ve done our best to listen to customer feedback on this very issue and have decided to move forward as follows:

Many backers expressed a preference for “milestone updates” as opposed to shipping timelines. Atlas has built a Progress Roadmap which we will update as we make new headway. You can check out the page here: Progress Roadmap

Our Progress Roadmap is a list of the features from the Indiegogo campaign and the status of each of them:

  • Green indicates completion of the item.
  • Yellow indicates the item is in progress and needs final testing.
  • Red indicates the item is on standby.
Team Atlas will send Greenlight Updates which will notify the community when we knock out another item on our list. We’re hoping this new system will provide a bit more insight into the progress we’re making as we near final production and shipment.

By the way, shipping address confirmation emails have not gone out but they’ll be part of the Progress Roadmap so you’ll be able to check status there.

Until our Greenlight Update, we will always be available at support@atlaswearables.com and across social platforms.

Here’s to the final countdown!

Yours in health,
Team Atlas