June Q&A

We are weeks away from shipping the Atlas Wristband to our Indiegogo and early backers! Peter Li and Mike Kasparian, CEO & CTO of Atlas Wearables, have answered some of the most popular questions you had this past month.

App Integration
The Atlas Wearable will be able to integrate with MyFitnessPal, Map My Fitness, and the apps within the Under Armour Record family. Since we have an open API, we hope to be integrated with more in the future. Also, the Atlas will come with a companion IOS and Android app with full-blown analytics.

Workout Plans
The Atlas Wearable has a unique feature called Coach Mode, in which it will lead you through various workout plans. As our partnership with personal trainers grows, even more, and more workout plans will be added to the Atlas Wearable through the companion app. The Atlas Wearable will come preprogrammed with 4 different programs built from the selection of 50 exercises preloaded on the wristband.

Shipping Timeline
We are on schedule to begin shipping this July!!! Shipping confirmation emails will be sent out shortly. All orders will be fulfilled in the order that they were made. It will be first come, first serve, starting with our very patient and proud Indiegogo orders and earliest backers. All further orders will be fulfilled by late 2015.

We wanted to thank everyone for your continuous support and patience with the production of the Atlas Wristband. We are just as eager as you are for our initial release of the wristband.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, we would be happy to answer you via our social channels or support@AtlasWearables.com

You can watch the full June Q&A with Mike and Peter here:

Thank you.

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas