June Update

Touch Panels Finished! (Well, Almost)

Our manufacturer in Milwaukee is bonding touch panels to the display so that there won’t be any dust bubbles.

We’ll get the harvesting units soon!

And Far as the Harvesters…

Thank you so much for posting on our Facebook wall. We were pleasantly overwhelmed with all the requests. We couldn’t ask for a better backer group!

We've selected our first batch of harvesters. Once we iron out the kinks, we could open it up for more. We’ll provide updates on that as it goes along.

Atlas Prototype in the Wild!

Josh Zitomer (@Physicalfix) will do burpees non-stop during the BOKS Active Kids Day on June 14. And he’ll be wearing an Atlas while doing them!

If you’re around Canton, Massachusetts, go support the kids and Josh. Or you can follow the event via Twitter and Facebook.

But You Know Who Saw That Before Josh?

Our Atlas Champions got to see what the inside of an Atlas looked like!

If you don’t want to miss out, email info@atlaswearables.com with the subject CHAMPION to get exclusive emails.

Thanks again for your support!
Peter Li
CEO and Co-Founder