Keep Calm & Take A Breather

Do you continuously push yourself harder and harder while working out? Are you constantly out of breath when trying to perform every little movement? Do you find yourself feeling very fatigued?

It’s time to give your body a rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to exercising or a weightlifting pro, everyone’s body needs some time to recover. It’s recommended that you take 1-2 days per week to allow your body to take in everything it’s learned from exercising.

Rest days don’t have to be boring and you don’t even have to spend them being completely sedentary. Mix up a weight-lifting-heavy routine with cardio. Spend your rest day(s) doing yoga, meditation, stretching, taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood--the possibilities are endless.

Engaging in active recovery for your body means that you still keep the body moving, just less intensely. If you normally workout for two hours, do a low-intensity activity for only 30 minutes to an hour. Active recovery is also a great technique for resting during your workouts. You can perform isolations in between sets or even take a little stretch, but this is a great way to keep you motivated to persevere through your training.

You could even take your days off to focus on family and friends, doing something that you wouldn’t usually have time to do, or even working on ways to perfect your form.

Don’t worry, if you have a super tight schedule and barely have time to fit working out into your daily schedule every day, there are awesome simple changes to your daily routine that you can do at work! This way, you can still feel like you’re getting some movement in during your days off.

Even though you might be tempted to want to engage in physical activity during your day off, your brain might need a break more than your body does. The best way to give your mind the break it deserves is to meditate. Your brain works just as hard as your body does when working out, so it deserves some rest too! There are many positive benefits to meditating. It can make you happier, help improve your memory, and can help you focus.

It’s also very important to give yourself little rests throughout your workout too. Just like I mentioned about active recovery earlier, your body needs small breaks while you exercise. These are good for getting a sip of water or even just taking a breather while listening to a slow-paced song.

We believe that a great way to train and recover during your workout is to engage in HIIT training, this means High-Intensity Interval Training, because it allows you to engage in active recovery throughout your workouts. Although this technique isn’t for everyone, it involves giving it your all for a minute, resting for 30 seconds, and repeating this pattern for different exercises.

Resting and relaxing are both very important to the status of your body, mind, and functionality. Always be sure you incorporate some time during your day or week to relax. Pro tip: my body is usually exhausted after my workouts, so on my rest days, I always make sure to incorporate 30 minutes of walking in my day. Whether I take a little stroll around the block or I walk to pick up dinner, I make sure I do something.

Now...take a deep breath in one, two, and three. And let it go.

Yours in Health,