March Q&A With Mike And Peter

In this month's Q&A you'll find the answers to these community questions:

  • What does "Summer 2015 Shipment" mean exactly? Is the first batch still on-track for April?
  • What's up with the green and yellow band colors?
  • Will the Atlas Wristband track sleep?
  • Can I teach my Atlas Wristband any exercise?
  • I do CrossFit, will the Atlas track my WOD's?

As Mike and Peter mentioned, MGP is ongoing and active! We love the feedback we get when the community members workout with us, so if you're in the Austin area don't hesitate to sign up for a workout at Atlas HQ.

The Atlas Wristband will also be out in the wild with Atlas team members at both the Wearable Technology Show from March 10th-11th and Sx Create from March 13th-15th. We would love to see Atlas community members out at both events!