May 2015 Update

Mike Kasparian, CTO & Co-Founder of Atlas Wearables gives the May 2015 Update.

Team Atlas has been working tirelessly on the final 2 issues:

  • Mechanical Screen Integrity
  • Yield of Heart Rate Boards
  • Shipping Schedule remains such that orders placed on or before August 31, 2014, can expect shipment in July 2015.

Orders placed after August 31st, 2014 can expect shipment in late 2015.

Pilot Units
The second round of pilot units was received for testing by our in-house engineers. The main changes have been to improve touchscreen calibration. The improvement will provide the best possible user experience.

Team Atlas is doing everything we can to make sure we resolve the heart rate accuracy and touch screen integrity.

Below is a sample of the time lapse test that was performed to test for screen cracking. A symptom of the cracking was screen dimming. Atlas Engineers ran a 9-hour test with 540 photos on the second round of pilot devices. The great news is that there was no dimming on these units. You are looking at healthy units!

Motion Genome Project
The magic of Atlas, automatic fitness tracking, comes from the Motion Genome Project. Atlas aims to inspire human movement by turning data into applied knowledge. There is so much more to learn about how we humans work out and what technology can bring to the power of movement.

Participating in the Motion Genome Project makes you a part of Team Atlas. The goal to make a change in fitness will be successful with people coming to Atlas HQ, working out and getting a sneak peek of what we are working on.

If you are in the Austin, Tx Area, please make an appointment to work out with us here: Motion Genome Project Signup

Your support is truly appreciated. Come to make Team Atlas grow!

Newco Event
Another way to witness Atlas is to come to headquarters on May 29, 2015, at 2 pm for our NewCo Event. There will be refreshments, you get to meet the team, and hear an address from Peter Li, CEO of Atlas Wearables.

Thank you
The continued support is something we are very grateful for. We are working as hard as possible to deliver the product as originally promised without compromise. We will be sending out another video update in the next month and our team will be posting more updates on our social channels.

If you have any questions please reach out to

Thank you.

Yours in health,
Team Atlas