My Summer Internship At Atlas

Pants, dress shoes, a shirt with a collar—things that are typically expected of an employee at any company, and, of course, my instinct was to sport them all my first day at Atlas. As it turns out, pants, dress shoes, and a shirt with a collar don’t work too well during yoga breaks when the whole office is in savasana, at your desk when your chair is a fitness ball, or in the gym when the team needs data and tells you to rip out a few push-ups.

Atlas is unlike any place I’ve ever worked before. I’ve worked in engineering firms, consulting firms, gyms, and classrooms, but nothing even comes close to resembling what I experienced here at Atlas. No dress code, no formal working hours, and yoga breaks may seem like the three pillars of un-productivity for any business, but not at Atlas. The office is filled with a team who works relentlessly, day in and day out, to produce a product that will change the wearables market and fulfill a promise to over 5,000 early backers of the company. I’ve never worked in such a place where everyone is so focused and so dedicated, and it was truly a rewarding place to be.

My role at Atlas this summer was working on the Motion Genome Project—Atlas’s project which collects exercise data and turns it into applied knowledge. Specifically, I spent time developing relationships with gyms in the Austin area to give Atlas the ability to collect large amounts of exercise data from gym members. I found this job to be relatively easy due to the fact that Atlas is the type of product that sells itself. Gym owners were happy to help a local Austin startup collect data and were excited to have the next big thing in wearables and fitness trackers in their gym.

My experience in the office was positive as well. The idea that every team member can bring skills to any area is certainly something that Atlas recognizes and fosters, and while “Motion Genome Project Intern” was my official title, I happily spent a good portion of my summer working in other areas as well. The software development team is always busy, so I assisted with implementing database functionality for the Atlas mobile app (coming soon) alongside another programmer. When the design team was working on new ideas and prototypes for future products, I was able to create a prototype in 3D modeling software and print it out on a 3D printer. Needless to say, I was able to get my hands dirty in multiple areas of the company.

I came to Atlas wanting to learn as much as possible about startups, and the team made that possible. Everyone was quick and happy to answer my many questions about what they do and how things work. What made me even more thankful was how my opinions and ideas were valued. I never felt as if what I brought to the table wasn’t welcome, and the team genuinely took what I had to say seriously. I was given the opportunity to sit in on meetings about big picture strategy, marketing, design, development, and I felt comfortable pitching in at any time. I will always remember how valued I felt here.

My summer at Atlas was everything I hoped for and more. I got valuable business experience, dabbled in all areas of the company, and felt like a true member of the team. Not only that, but the product Atlas is creating is extraordinary, and I can’t wait to get one in my hands. If given the opportunity, I would work for at Atlas again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for a great summer, Atlas!

Yours in Health,