No Boredom Workouts: Top Tips For People Who Are New To CrossFit Train


You’ve heard about this CrossFit thing and it seems pretty challenging, but you can clearly see from those who do it that it gets results. Therefore, you plan to dip your feet into the CrossFit arena. Here are things to know before you go.

You Don’t Need Special Gear
You don’t need anything special to engage in CrossFit. Bring your sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt and a towel for the sweat. Since some activities will require jumping and moving from side to side, you may want to opt for something that is tighter fitting. Also, since you’ll be sweating, any material that wicks moisture away is preferable.

Don’t Be Intimidated by Terminology
Crossfit has its own jargon, and soon you’ll know what EMOM and other things mean. Before then, you can read online FAQs or rove through forums. If you come across an acronym or term you don’t know in class, just ask. Don’t be afraid to learn; every question unasked is lost opportunity to know more about CrossFit training.

Technique Comes Before Weight
Learn technique, and when you think you have practiced technique enough, practice it some more. When you have great confidence that you have mastered the technique, then it’s time to add weight. There is no point in trying to lift more weight if you’re using incorrect form and posture. Also, be very selective as to who teaches you techniques and posture. Beginners should learn from teachers and not friends.

Do Double Unders
Double unders is the act of skipping rope, making it go under twice every other rotation. It’s a staple in CrossFit training workouts and it’s suggested you begin practicing now rather than risking frustration in class. Plus, a little proactivity never hurts!

Grip Matters
Crossfit training challenges all muscle groups and it’s a mistake to dismiss training the body’s smallest muscles, such as those in the hand. It would be a mistake since so many movements and involve the hands. Strengthening one’s grip will help with balancing weight as well as enduring the entire workout. Get gloves for CrossFit so your hands don’t get rough and bruised.

Leave Your Ego at Home
If you can’t take the fact that you are going to be challenged and may look a little silly then you should not participate. There is no room for ego at CrossFit training. You should not feel silly nor should you judge others. Actually, you’ll find the friendliest are those with the most experience, knowing how courageous beginners are.

There Are No Excuses
Prepare to make CrossFit training a lifestyle choice. If you’re one who is prone to fads and does not like to commit, CrossFit is not for you. It’s too challenging without a commitment. However, with a bit of drive and continuity, you’ll have improved health and a better body.

Get Help with Heavy Lifting
Some exercises require heavy weights and the barbell. It’s suggested you get help in doing these. Also, as suggested above, don’t start with weight on the barbell. First, be sure that you understand the movement and the muscles used to exact proper technique.

Author Bio: Rachel Ward loves to keep her body, and her mind, at peak performance. She took up CrossFit 5 years ago and enjoys yoga and meditating on a Sunday morning.