November Shipment Update

It is time to update the community on the winter shipping dates for your Atlas; the first of its kind in the world of fitness monitors and your (soon-to-be) new favorite workout buddy. Last week we released tooling plans and we are set to begin cutting steel. At this point, we have been given a timeline from our manufacturer that forecasts delivery in April of 2015. We are actively negotiating this timeline and will continue to aggressively push for a closer delivery date that does not compromise quality.

Alpha and Development backers can still look forward to receiving their units ahead of the crowd, likely in January - that update will come closer to the shipment of Alpha units.

In the interest of transparency, we wanted to give a complete update on the status of the project and some background on the challenges we have faced while developing your Atlas. Given the new ground we are breaking in the wearables space we have run into several unexpected delays while working through our manufacturing stage.

While challenges are expected when pushing innovation boundaries, we understand that this delay is frustrating for many members of the community. We promised you a great product and we refuse to settle for mediocrity- this delay is a reflection of our company’s commitment to quality, and we know that you will see that commitment reflected in the product that you receive.

To give you an idea of what has caused the delay, our team has spent a lot of time and effort in negotiations with manufacturers. We had initially entered discussions with three different manufacturers which all had previous experience with wearables and great reputations. However, after extensive talks and negotiations, we came to the conclusion that these manufacturers were not able to deliver a product with the quality we strive for.

We were recently introduced to a new manufacturer that we’ve been pleased with. They have experience with other wearables, waterproofing, and a well-developed system for quality control. Below you’ll find the approximate timeline that we’ve been given by our new manufacturer.

Moreover, we are happy to let you know that Atlas will be delivered with all of its funded features, including a vibration motor, a smart timer, 50 meters of glorious water resistance, and an alternate band color (the crowd chose laser green as an alternate to the default yellow band). The monitor’s face dimensions are now 49.7mm x 30.8mm.

Today Mike and Peter hosted a webinar to discuss shipment dates, product features, and address some community questions; you can watch it on our blog. Updates will be occurring regularly until our first shipment so that we can keep our community up to date on our progress and answer questions.

Just before shipping, we will verify your delivery address and email. If you have any lingering questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email us directly at or tweet us at @support_atlas

Yours in Health,
Peter, Mike, and Team Atlas