ShapeScale Announces Future Partnership Intent With Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+

San Francisco, CA (October 23, 2018) — ShapeScale to leverage data collected by Atlas Wearables, Fitbod & MyMacros+ to be able to correlate users’ workout and nutrition data with their body measurements and ultimately increase the comprehensiveness of feedback provided on users’ health & fitness

Shape Labs Inc., the San Francisco based innovative consumer electronics startup building a cutting-edge 3D scanning body scale, ShapeScale, announced their intent on future integrations with fitness tracking devices from Atlas Wearables, and digital health & fitness apps, Fitbod and MyMacros+. Shape’s goal with the future integrations is to further enhance ShapeScale’s value for their customers by creating an opportunity for users to integrate the data gained through complimentary devices and services with their ShapeScale app. This way customers will be able to access and benefit from a network of the most advanced health & fitness technologies today.

Atlas Wearables: ShapeScale will be working with Atlas Wearables in the future to import physical activity data collected by the Atlas Wearable devices to the ShapeScale mobile application and to export body measurements data captured and collected by the ShapeScale device to the Atlas mobile application. Correlating the users’ workout data with their body measurements will result in both companies’ increased ability to provide more comprehensive feedback and more accurate recommendations to their users. In particular, users will be able to see which exercises yield the expected results and which ones are not based on how their bodies have been changing over time.

“A future app integration between Atlas and ShapeScale could be the perfect way to understand how your workout programs and the exercises you complete affecting how your body changes and improves over time.” — said Peter Li, CEO & Co-Founder or Atlas Wearables.

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