Summer Sun Series #1: Vitamin D

Sun’s out, fun’s out! It’s officially summer (well, in three days) and that means it’s a perfect time to be outdoors. Whether you plan on going for a morning run, afternoon swim, or an evening stroll, there are many benefits of being in the sun. One, in particular, is that it causes your body to accumulate Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important for your body because it promotes calcium absorption and bone mineralization. This means that sun exposure keeps your bones strong and healthy, especially if you combine it with exercise. Another just as important feature of Vitamin D is that it helps your body maintain high levels of serotonin, the chemical that keeps you happy!

If you have read the news in the past few years, you probably have seen that too much sun exposure is bad for your skin because high UV ray exposure may lead to skin cancer. Before you lather up in sunscreen (read our blog post about sunscreen here), make sure to at least give your skin some exposure to the sun.

Use the color of your skin to generally determine how much sun exposure you need each day. If you have fair skin, you should aim for about 15 minutes of sun exposure per day. If you have darker skin, you should aim for a little more sun exposure. The darker your skin, the more sun you want as it takes longer to create the recommended amount of Vitamin D.

Getting summer sun is super easy and has such great health benefits.

Always remember, Vitamin D = happy mind + healthy bones!

Yours in Health,