Team Atlas - Claire Leonard

Claire Leonard is our Customer Service Rep Extraordinaire. Born in Iowa, raised in Austin, TX, she loves the outdoors no matter what city she’s in. Whether it is hiking through the woods, taking an acro yoga class, or mastering boot camps and obstacle courses, Claire knows how to have fun while staying fit. One thing is for certain, in threat of a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be Ms. Claire Leonard – she’s got more nature survival skills than the rest of the Atlas team combined!

Tell us about your day-to-day at Atlas Wearables.
I take care of the customer service, as well as some of the social media management and a number of other things here at Atlas. We usually have meetings in the morning, and I spend a lot of my time answering customer questions. Lately, we have been working on improvements to the website to make it a little bit more comprehensive and easier to understand. And from time to time we get to workout, which is excellent.

What was the interview process like?
The interview process at Atlas involved goofing around with a few people in a small room for a couple of different sessions. It was way more laid back than a lot of other environments. It wasn’t too pressured; it was fun.

What do you like about the culture at Atlas Wearables?
Atlas has a unique culture in so much that it is a startup, but everyone here obviously takes their roles very seriously. We do make plenty of time to goof around. I also think that none of us takes ourselves too seriously, which is useful because I think that generally when you get a lot of smart people in a room there can be a conflict if everyone is a little too invested in themselves and their ego.

How did you end up working here?
This is the first startup that I’ve ever worked at. I received my degree in psychology from a little university called Texas A&M. I also studied neuroscience and French. I got out of school and I started training dogs with a company locally. I also became a zip-line tour guide and was briefly a preschool teacher at a very open-minded preschool here in town, so I’ve worn a number of different hats, but I’ve always dealt with people. I’ve always been a people person, so, yes, it has definitely been a varied path, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Psychology, French, and neuroscience! Tell us more about that.
I chose my degree in psychology because people are just interesting. We are social beings so it’s hard not to necessarily find each other and ourselves very interesting. That sounds kind of narcissistic, but I mean it in the best way. French and neuroscience came in because I love the science of psychology: the human brain is fascinating. And French because I’m horrible at it, and once I found out I was horrible at it I had to keep doing it until I was decent. And then became decent and I lost all of it. It was great.

What brought you to Austin?
I came to Texas because my dad was moving here for work and I was eight years old at the time so I didn’t have much of a choice, lacking financial freedoms. Although it worked out really well, Austin is fabulous.

What is your favorite thing about living here?
My favorite thing about Austin is the culture, obviously. I think that we have a varied population and that's exciting. Food is huge. We have excellent food. And plenty of hiking, lots of good hiking, not that varied, but still a lot of options. So you get to be outdoors, eat a lot of food until you get fat and then work it off while you walk up a hill.