Team Atlas - Julie Bennis

Meet our Motion Genome Project Manager, Julie Bennis! Julie hails from Pennsylvania and has an MBA from the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, as well as a B.A. in Fashion Design and a B.S. in Retail Marketing and Management. Here at Atlas Julie juggles an impressive array of tasks. On any given day you might find Ms. Bennis recruiting MGP participants, collecting data, locking down wholesale accounts, facilitating communication with our manufacturer, creating computer illustrations, or convincing our team to do handstands during her 5-minute yoga breaks.

When she isn’t at the Atlas HQ, Julie spends her time cruising at high speeds as “Ablazing Grace” with Team Free Radicals flat track roller derby team, knocking people over with style. In her more peaceful moments, you may find Julie out trying some new eats with her uber handsome corgi or teaching a yoga class around town. Yeah, she’s also a certified yoga instructor.

What was the interview process like at Atlas?
The interview process at Atlas Wearables was easy and laid back, I laughed a lot and the whole team was really great. It was wonderful getting to meet everyone and get a taste of the culture.

You mentioned Atlas’ culture. Tell us a little bit more about what that’s like!
We have a great culture here at Atlas Wearables. There’s strong team collaboration and it’s just a really fun environment. We have 5-minute yoga breaks in the morning and afternoon its dog-friendly and everyone is really fun with great personalities. Peter and Mike are wonderful cofounders - it’s just a great environment.

So, what brought you down to Austin?
As a Pennsylvanian I had always wanted to move south - not big fan of the winters and once I found Austin it just stole my heart. I love the culture, the music, the arts, the startup culture that thrives throughout the entire city and of course the food. All of the food.

What do you like most about working at a startup?
One of my favorite things about the startup environment is the ability to really make an impact. As an employee in a growing company, it’s easy to wear a lot of hats and take on a diverse set of tasks in order to contribute to the growth of a company. Not only that but I a company that I really believe in.

Tell us about the beloved Toby dog.
I found my dog Toby - my little corgi - on the side of the road in the middle of a storm. He was lost and afraid and I tried to shuffle him back into the field to wherever his home maybe, but he jumped in my car and has been with me ever since.