Team Atlas - Mike Kasparian

Mike Kasparian is the co-founder and CTO at Atlas Wearables. Mike's day-to-day focuses on everything hardware-related, including electrical engineering, product manufacturing, and quality control. His engineering career stretches back as far as his elementary school computer camp and includes a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University. Outside of his responsibilities at Atlas, Mike enjoys running, lifting, and sharpening his persuasion and deduction skills by playing Werewolf.

What were the early prototyping days like at Atlas?
I was doing my MS and working at the time. Mostly I would provide Peter with guidance in terms of which hardware to use.

Co-founding a startup can be scary. What's been the scariest moment for you?
Definitely leaving my comfortable, well-paying job that was also going to reimburse me for my MS. So when I left, I wasn't just passing up the salary but also had to pay for my degree myself. I waited until the last possible minute to make the decision, but after talking with my close friends and family, I felt like this was just too much of an important opportunity to pass up.

You spent some time traveling to China to meet the Atlas manufacturing partners, how was that?
A lot of fun. It started as a networking event and we visited Taipei, Beijing, Kunshan, and Shenzhen to meet with the corporate side of some manufacturers. We also met over 20 hardware startups from all over the world that was also shopping around for a manufacturer-- we even started a friendly rivalry with one of them to see who would get to production first.

You moved to Austin from Boston. How do you like Austin?
I love it. I moved here a year ago and it's great.

Michael Kasparian