Team Atlas - Peter Li

Peter Li is the Co-Founder and CEO of Atlas Wearables. He has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on Tissue Engineering. When not touring the globe showing off Atlas’ technology Peter stays busy helping design the Atlas user experience, prioritizing features, engaging with Atlas backers, and organizing and implementing sales and marketing strategies. Peter is passionate about all things data and is especially interested in the way data can be turned into actionable knowledge to positively impact people’s lives.

You’re kind of a renaissance man around the office, but if you had to pick what would you say is your favorite thing(s) to do at Atlas?
Everything! ...but Accounting: modeling the future is fun, but the Excel sheet quickly got monstrous.

Mike (Atlas CTO) and you have been friends since you were children, any embarrassing stories about little Mike you’d care to share?
Aw, man! At one point my family was out of town and my Grandmother's computer was busted, so Mike and his Dad came over to help out (it's important to note that Mike was munching on Goldfish snacks). It turned out that the computer was in Mandarin-language mode, so they were unable to help at all.

You started a business as a student; that sounds pretty fun, tell us a little about that.
I started several businesses, but my favorite was Froots & Co. The vision was a never-ending box of fruit on your counter. I believe the academic environment is perfect for startups and risk-taking. The infrastructure set up by the institutions allow a lot of exploration of personal interests and free time to pursue what you love.

Peter Li