Team Atlas - Seth Black

Seth Black is the Lead Software Developer at Atlas Wearables. With Seth's experience with multiple startups, he oversees and directs all of the software done at Atlas Wearables. He is the architect of the elaborate infrastructure needed to functionally run the company's technology. From back end to front end and even firmware and algorithms Seth is there, helping everyone and making sure that all software development is moving smoothly so that at the end of the day he can connect all the pieces together into one giant puzzle.

Seth has lived a very diverse life from being a private airplane pilot to being a comic artist and even a musician but his passion for programming is like no other, he enjoys it so much that when he is not programming at Atlas Wearables, he is programming at home.

What was it like flying your own plane?
I love flying. It's an experience, unlike anything I've ever had. From the moment your tires leave the ground you feel like you're doing something that man was never intended to do.

What inspired you to draw comics?
Stress. At the time my job was really getting to me, and I needed a creative outlet; comics provided that outlet. Comics are really fun to make, they enable you to create your own little universe and populate that universe with whatever your imagination can come up with.

Do you have a favorite music genre?
Jazz. And not boring, elevator jazz, but the stuff that guys like Kurt Rosenwinkel and Julian Lage put out.

How do you think software will evolve in the years to come?
I think there's an ebb-and-flow to software that follows hardware development very closely. With the proliferation of mobile devices has come a plethora of mobile software that does everything from content delivery to fitness tracking to finance and beyond. I see software continuing to follow hardware into smaller, faster, lighter, more specialized realms.