The 5 Most Essential Pieces Of Workout Equipment

There are literally thousands of pieces of workout equipment available today. From large, complicated machines to the simplest ab-roller, there is a limitless amount of options to choose from.

The good news is that if your goal is to live a healthy, active lifestyle, all you need is a few simple pieces of equipment. The bad news is that you need to know how to use them.

Each of the following pieces of workout equipment has the following features:

Each can be used for dozens (if not hundreds) of movements
Each allows for progressive variation of both difficulty and weight
Each is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased quickly and easily
Each provides for exercise innovation (if you know what you're doing)
Here are 5 of the most essential pieces of workout equipment. If you can master their use, you'll have thousands of exercise options to choose from.

Dumbbells are some of the oldest modern training implements. It doesn't get much simpler than these babies. A bar with two equal weights on each side provides you with a balanced training tool that comes in a variety of increments. Having a weight in each arm means that movements require additional stability in your upper body, lower body, and core.

While kettlebells are relatively new to the fitness community, they have been used in Russia for hundreds of years. Originally used in Russian marketplaces to measure goods and secure tents, this simple device consists of nothing but an iron or steel ball with an attached handle. They provide a limitless amount of movement variations once you master the basics.

Barbells provide one of the best and most accessible options when it comes to building pure strength. Thanks to their simple design and ability to modify the weight in extremely small increments, barbells can be used to progressively train your body for greater and greater loads over time.

Pull Up Bars
Pull Up Bars aren't just for the playground. You can perform dozens of exercises by suspending your body weight from a bar, including (but not limited to) Pull-Ups, L-Sit Hangs, Body Rows, Leg Raises, Muscle-Ups, and more. Each movement has a unique ability to engage your arm, shoulder, and back musculature while also giving you extremely functional grip strength.

The TRX, and suspension training devices in general, can provide you with hundreds of unique movements for both grounds, standing, and explosive training drills. By suspending your arms or legs from a high point using the TRX, you can engage your core in a variety of dynamic ways.

There you have it. With a little bit of money and a lot of practice, you can use these five tools to meet any fitness objective you could imagine. Get one and get started, then get an Atlas Wristband to plan and track your routines!

Yours in Health,
Mark De Grasse