The Atlas Wristband User Tips Page

You can visit the User Tips page here or by clicking the User Tips link in the main navigation above.

So while you're here, how about a few tips for getting started with Atlas!

First things first! Make sure you download the latest app for either iOS or Android.

Once you have the app, make sure your Atlas is plugged in using the provided micro-USB cable then hold down the side button until the display comes on.

IMPORTANT! This could take up to 30 seconds! Many people have thought they had a dead battery only to discover that they just needed to hold the button down longer.

Once your Atlas is on and your App is open, tap the SYNC icon in the top left corner of the App to associate your Wristband with your user account that you set up on the App. Bluetooth must be enabled for this to work!

For best comfort and data accuracy, you'll want to wear your Atlas high up on your left wrist.

The Atlas has a simple touch-screen interface. It is currently TAP-only. Swipes and other gestures will not be recognized by the device and will trigger unexpected results. The button on the side is used primarily for turning on and off, exiting a screen or ending a workout.

A quick look at the Navigation Basics video at the top of the User Tips page will give you a very clear understanding of how to navigate your Atlas. For now, here is a simple outline of how the Atlas device navigation is structured, also viewable at User Tips.

Lastly, remember to SYNC early and often. The SYNC icon is in the top left corner of the mobile app and should be tapped any time you want to move data or info between your Wristband and App. Here are a few examples of when you should tap the SYNC icon.

You completed a workout with your Atlas Wristband
You want to move a new workout to your Wristband from the App
You have made changes to your Freestyle list in the App and want the list to be updated on your Wristband.
You think maybe your Wristband is using firmware that is old or not up to date
And of course, please feel free to visit our FAQ if you have more questions.

Yours in Health,
Team Atlas