The “Secret Pill” Has Arrived

After 30 years in this business there isn’t a client type I haven’t worked with, a fad diet or exercise program I haven’t seen and an excuse I haven’t heard. But the one constant has been the public’s search for that elusive “magic pill”. Well after 30 years I have found the “secret pill” and can prove it. If you notice I said “secret pill” not “magic pill”. In the fitness/diet world, there is no magic pill. A magic pill is playing the lottery as your financial security strategy. No work, no commitment, just hope for results. A secret pill is an unknown strategy that requires commitment and work but if followed will get you the results you want. I now have that “secret pill”. And I can prove it because I used it to go from 204 pounds with 23% body fat to 174 pounds and 18% body fat. No special diet, no special supplements, and no special exercise program. But I will share the details of that program in my next article.

However; as I mentioned above the secret pill requires a plan. So here it is the path to achieving your fitness goals. If you follow this plan you will achieve your goals. And if you skip any of these, your chances of achieving your goals will diminish greatly.

Step 1Commitment: On a scale of 1-10 your commitment to your achieving your goal has to be an 11. There will be distractions, excuses and all kinds of reasons to quit. Those that achieve their fitness goals let nothing get in their way. If you are not at this level of commitment do not go to step 2 because you will fail.

Step 2 Consult an expert: Trying to achieve a fitness goal without consulting an expert is like walking into your pharmacy when you’re sick and self-prescribing medications. I have seen thousands of people fail because they felt they could do it on their own. YOU CANT! You need the direction and support of a personal trainer to help you identify your goal and put together an effective plan just like you need your doctor to get better when you’re sick or injured.

Step 3Develop a definitive, realistic and measurable goal: If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I want more energy, I want to lose weight, I want to feel better” I would be on an island somewhere. That’s like going to your doctor and saying I don’t feel well just give me the script. You MUST have a clearly defined goal to be able to develop a program that will get you there. A good personal trainer will help you do that.

Step 4 Learn to love the results not the effort: I’ll let you in on a little industry secret, exercise is not fun! If you ask 10 trainers and they are completely honest with you they will tell you we hate exercise as much as everyone else. So trying to love the effort (exercise) is setting yourself up for failure. The reason we all exercise regularly is that we love the results and realize that exercise is the means, and the only means, to those results. As part of my personal program mentioned above, I HATED the exercise part. But the results pushed me to keep going when every fiber in my body was screaming to stay in my chair.

Step 5 – The “Secret Pill”. Measure, track and record your effort: Now before I go into this be aware that if you skip any of the steps above, and I mean any, this secret pill will be useless. For several years now I have been working with numerous wearable developers and manufacturers trying to find a wrist wearable that measured heart rate without a chest strap. After 3 years I have finally found one. And it’s not the “McDonald’s of wearables,” like FitBits or Apple watches (which I have also used). Atlas is worn on your wrist and simply measures heart rate, your actual exercise, calories burned and exercise time. I don’t need to know how many times I blinked last night while I was sleeping. It is my use of this unit, and only because I used Atlas was able to move my weight from 204 to 174 taking into consideration I have been a regular, knowledgeable workout person that has not been below 190 pounds in 20 years (ok, 30). And after carefully studying the data I have determined exactly why using this unit had the impact it had. Keep in mind that I did not change my normal diet at all or do any funky, fad exercise program. In fact, because of my business, 70% of my daily calories are consumed after 8 pm which totally contradicts a weight loss effort. But don’t think you can just throw on a wearable and bingo it works. You will need a trainer to help you link the use of the wearable to your goals or it will not work.

So there it is. All you’ll ever need to know to achieve your fitness goals. I’m sure every infomercial fitness company and every nutritional product that ends with "blah, blah, blah, genetics..." will try to contradict this but if you follow this plan step by step, without fail, you will succeed. And this plan can apply to any fitness related goal. Weight loss, weight gain, increased fitness level, you name it. But if you try to bypass any of these steps, your chances of success drop dramatically.

Dennis Mathias
General Manager
Healthplex Sports Club